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    1. @ RoccoL: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”
      So, according to Arthur Conan Doyle, she doesn’t.

    1. @Josef- WTF kinda shit is that to say? Bitch its 2013 not the fuckin 1920’s u dumb fuck!! Ppl like u make me ashamed to be white .. smmfh…get it together!!!

    1. No fred I think Nicky No Name was just humoring 2lol with a greeting in return.. Although I do think that it might have resulted in 2lol creaming himself..

    2. I believe the correct term is ‘space docking’ and yes, I was just being polite. I’m nice like that. Although I wouldn’t say no to some end-on-end action… the more the merrier 😉

    3. you three commenting on every pic is just a bit more pathetic than me noticing and i really think we have a problem! do you guys happen to know each other outside of epicfail?

  1. I think this broad–assuming it’s a woman, must be the main villain in “The Avengers” film coming out in 2012.

    Those claws give her +15 STR & +50 POISON DMG on strike for 20secs.

    1. Plus each time it kills a super-hero, permanently raises the claws’ resistance by 200% and give her first strike the next turn.

  2. This shit is DUMB! This is just her lame excuse to be “handicapped” and avoid working. She’s a total #FoodStampWhore #WelfareThief

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