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  1. $100 says she also pulled into the handicapped spot out front in a $45,000 Caddy Escalade and will no doubt pay for this garbage with an EBT card all the while bitching at the “ray-sisss” white cashier.

    1. ive read your shitty comments, you truly are a waste. For every black person “u” see at walmart going overboard, ive seen 10 fat assed white people using foodstamps, as well as bitching at the cashier. As a matter of fact a friend of mine and i noticed just how many fn overweight white folk limp their asses into walmart, as well as the connected mc donalds. If seeing that bothers you. Maybe you should move to a white part of town fuck-tard.

    2. I think she either has some seriously deformed titties or she’s trying get out of paying for two watermelons. Just look closely at that.

    3. Only a negroid with that “ghettoish” nickname would defend such a hideous creature as the thing shown above.
      Remember: Your people comprise 12% of our population yet have an inexplicable knack for pissing off 90% of us humans.

  2. Its great to see the american diet….
    And of course this isnt a random occassion you FAT BITCHES.
    With love from greece <3.
    P.s. Start flaming arrogant bastards

    1. well in greece u wont see anyone being able to buy that much soon…how does it fell to be forced on diet now?

  3. If i was the person at the cash register and she came down my aile i would be trying so hard not to laugh or say something rude.

  4. It doesn’t look that bad. It’s not like her cart is loaded full of candy bars and bacon. Oh my god, pickles and cereal! I really hate you people.

  5. Its funny how white peple talk so much racist shit via internet, blacks dont have a website where they talk racist shit towards whites, that just shows how lame ya’ll are and build your nuts up behind you keyboard.

  6. The people getting mad are funny. If you’re angry, take it out on the bigots; not the opposite race. Webnuts are nothing new. All you can do is laugh. Most working folks don’t give a damn what color you are. I’d be trying to laugh, as the cashier, just to keep from crying. This shit is sad on many levels. Someone help her understand self-control before she kills herself… with food. @Smh I’m not defending racists. They’re everywhere and multi-colored. But google that. There are tons of “black” sites, tv networks, comedians and militant groups that equally dedicated to promoting racism; just as there are hispanic, asian, white, etc. Be the change!

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