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  1. phones are crazy these days. I remember when you used to have to talk to a real human operator before you could get the teen anal.

    1. How do you think I feel, I listen to that Australian accent every day, comes with being born here I suppose!!

    1. American? I think that was actually English being spoken. American is more with F this and F that after every other word.

  2. The iphone was answering with an Australian accent and was clearly set up for Australian accents… the Microsoft phone was having trouble with his lame Australian accent… This video should be called, “RIGGED TEST FAIL” or “AUSTRALIAN ACCENT FAIL”!

    1. How? Microsoft is not just an American company anymore…Or, is it? =_= I thought it was a Chinese/American thing? With China owning 99% of it. x]

  3. go ahead and buy your PC crap…. PC= pieces of crap. virus…dl….slow startup…… OS that suck…. LOL.

    why continue to make a product that gets infected?? they never try to fix this problem. SUCKERS!

    1. ^ obvious mac user. Obviously has no idea how to use a computer since as we all know macs are made for people who are too retarded to use a PC. BRO btw go ahead and buy your sad excuse for a boat anchor.

    2. ^Macs also have a great reputation for not failing hardly as much as PC. I have had my old white macbook for 6 years and have never had an issue with A-NY-THING, and it gets the job done. I had my days with PC in high school which wasn’t long ago, and I hated it!! So slow always crashing and plain boring… Apple products are the fuckin best and you know it… unfortunately all you can afford is a PC:/ no need to be bitter.

    3. Ahhh the sight of a relentless fanboy, desperately trying to enforce his oft uncared-for opinions upon the rest of the world.

      Never gets old does it.

      DOES IT?!

      Yes of course it fucking does. Old argument is old.

    4. Heh. Macs suck hard, Lol PC. I use to have one, years ago. I only had it for 4 months, and it burnt down. xP Which is why I have had PCs, for many years AFTER that problem POS! >:P

  4. It was a fail until the microsoft phone refused to play skrillex. Then it was a win.

    Brostep is for cocksucking faggots. listen to the real shit, or GTFO.

    1. Not a fan of his cheesy stuff but Equinox is SICK! And brostep, lol… that’s so typical of america, to take a british sound and bastardise it. But you’re doing yourself a disservice… by hating a genre outright you are missing out on cool tunes. Sure there’s a lot of shit out there, but it’s not all shit!

      You’re no better than the type of person who goes “derrppp, metal rawks, dance music is shit” or “derrrpderrrpp, guitar music horrible, electro is best”.

      Take off the musical blinkers > enjoy life more > stop being so bitter > enjoy life even more

    1. Actually, it’d be technologically challenged lifestyle Cunts like you that make Apple so rich. Paying more means it must be better, right?
      I do IT support and Apple users are the least knowledgeable and yet the most arrogant people we get!

  5. Wow, I think what he meant was Americanized English, and actually there are HUGE differences between English and Americanized English besides Fuck being every other word, douche bag. It couldn’t translate the Accent because the Windows phone wasn’t set up to do so, i’ll give the Apple that, but as far as your lame ass “We don’t get viruses.” argument, the only reason you don’t get them is because people like me could care less about the Technotard Hipster fucks shitty little ICrap.

  6. Brostep-shitstep, who cares, stop overusing that fucking shit sounds of WOBBLE effect, I know not every dubstep artist cant be as amazing as burial or kode 9. BUT FOR FUCKS SAKE STOP WITH THE WOBBLE, and y is it that i always see HIPSTERS listening to it like they never heard anything else… dear lord DIVERSE UR MUSIC MAN! new school dubstep is so mainstream thanx to the likes of SKRILLEX-FUCK. He is so ridicously its not even funny even though i find myself laughing at him all the time. DID ANYONE EVER SEE THE INTERVIEW ON MTV WHERE THE INTERVIEWER ASKS HIM (AT ONE OF HIS SILLY SHOWS)”WHAT’S IT FEEL LIKE TO BE THE POSTER BOY OF DUBSTEP” and his reponse… “WELL IT’S NOT LIKE IM ON MTV OR ANYTHIN………..(realizes he’s on MTV then shuts up and the interviewer laughs at him, then they show a clip of him doing some stupid ass head move with his dreads going everywhere like he’s got Parkinsons, i thought that was a perfuckt clip LMAO)” fucking tool and epic fail.

    OH btw love microsoft but this no surprise.

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