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  1. This is a complete win. It wasn’t even past holloween and I was hearing christmas music (or holidyay music for all you other idiots) in all the stores and I was getting pissed. I don’t ever want to hear christmas music, let alone months before christmas happens. Soon we will hear it in July, and then I will go n a rampage and kill lots of mutha fuckas

    1. Fuckin grinch! Haha I do agree with you about people rushing it and acting like its dec, 24th every day… AND FOR ALL YOU ATHEIST ASSWIPES OUT THERE, IT’S CHRISTMAS MUSIC, NOT HOLIDAY MUSIC!

    2. We had Christmas trees up at my work the DAY after Halloween. Also, at the idiot calling Atheist asswipes. I know it’s Christmas music, but Christmas is all about how much you spend on someone. So, for our modern times it is Holiday music.

    3. Yes, I am a grinch by definition. Holidays are fucking evil.

      If you are a christian chum, well the holidays take away from the belief of Jesus’s birth…. which is all just bullshit anyways.

    4. tits mcgee, you are a lost cause, and people like you are the reason a once really happy day has turned into a frantic unhappy money spending spree “holiday”. For me and a handful of other people, it is a time for family and peace, a time to forget about troubles around the world and in our own lives… AND YES, to celebrate CHRISTmas for what it is, it is originally to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ you know:) I am probably the only Christian/conservative on this site, and this post will probably upset a lot of people but thats all your problem! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. I wish I had the balls to say that to my wife. She wanted to put a christmas tree up since mid October. I settled for late October ‘sigh’

  3. Yup DeadlyFoez, the music loses it’s spirit when played too early. Pisses everyone off.I totally agree with Hugh. It is CHRISTmas,not a ‘holiday’, and always will be. To militaryminde85 – I am a Decenmber baby and will not allow a tree up till after MY day, even though I’m hitting 50, luck or not, it’s still MY month, Christmas is on the 25th. To Lymbe …. GROW balls, – October … really? (that’s ‘scary’… all puns intended, Christmas is in Decemeber – the month is long enough as it is. Does the Easter bunny lay in wait to come to life after the 25th of December?

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