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  1. Well, that’s really not funny… shit like that happens all the time and especially elder people can suffer severe injuries from falls like that… I’ve worked in a retirement home once and I’ve seen all kinds of injuries caused by falls like that. just. not. funny.

    1. I also fail to see what’s funny about an old person injuring themselves.

      Whoever tagged this as ‘funny’ is sick in the head. Probably the sort of person that breaks into care homes to rape the OAPs.

    2. omg u r all so depressed only coz this time they are old ppl…
      if young volks do stuff that hurts 100times more u can laugh again -.-

  2. Go grandma! stopping the scalator by jamming your arm between the steps after tumbling backwakwards like a rag dool a few times

  3. I don’t know what everyone’s on about… I just watched the video and thought it was pretty funny. It’s a shame that most old people are so fragile and decrepit but people falling over are just funny, regardless. I’ve buried 2 of my grandparents in the past 2 years (it’s OK, they were dead already)and I say this video is amusing. Not LOL amusing but still, it made me smile. If I make it to be old and feeble then fall over on camera, please feel free to have a laugh at my expense.

    I really need to stop writing paragraphs on here. Nobody reads them.

    1. actually I have read quite a few. Usually followed by 2LOLO. I’m a little surprised he didn’t say anything this time.
      I was starting to think he wanted your babies the way he continuously picks on you.
      but I get what you’re saying 😀

    2. I sure am 😀 and yeah, I think long paragraphs put 2LOLO off. Guessing reading is not his strong point.

    3. I just fucking hate it when people write long paragraphs and I just wanna fucking…Oh hey Nicky, didn’t see you there. How’s the missus? ‘walks away whstling nervously’

    4. Lymbe, you sure do talk some shit… we both know that, due to my micro penis and sizeable collection of dead cats, I could never have a missus.

    1. elevators…. wrong, escalators, but, true, u are right, someone really should have pressed the emergency stop button rather than stumble around on top of her acting as confused as she was.

  4. Actually this is an Elderly WIN because she’s doing exactly what elderly people do…falling down, acting confused, disoriented, and being generally afraid of all this new-fangled technology.

  5. I think its funny as fuck. That grandma should have choose normal stairs if she doesnt know, what is escalator. Good morning grandma, its 21 century.

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHAH, seriously the funniest shit I saw this week !! Fuck all the people here saying it’s not funny because it is, a lot !

  7. that is messed up, why didn’t anyone press the emergency stop, that poor old lady prolly broke a hip or something 🙁

  8. OMG !!! I feel terrible but this is by far the funiest video I have seen this month !! and by the way ,the music goes perfect with it !!! I hope the poor lady is ok ,but wow ,she just made me so happy today 😀 LOL

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