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  1. Maybe he was going for the sympathy angle? Girls can’t resist a man with half a face. Or perhaps he knew one of the group to have a retard fetish? Either way, that’s one funny video. God bless the morons…

    1. NO NICKY………… If all the girls was a TRANNY MM17 will IMPRESS THEM WITH HIS SMALL PENIS………………..

    2. Hey, that thing gets you money! So if I was you I’d shut my idiot face before I quit!

      P.S. I have no clue what you just attempted to say actually, “was a tranny MM17”??? Am I a tranny? Would I impress the girls who was a trannies? Or did you just have to say penis, so you put this brain fart on the world wide web?

    3. 2LOLO are not fail..he or she or whatever are only too good to be clever…my spelling okay or not???emmmmmmmmm..

    1. OF COURSE!! It all makes sense now! he’s all like “I’m hurt!” and she’s all like, “OMG! are you okay!?!?” he knew he wasn’t going to make it from the start! CLEVER PLOT to ensnare the vijayjay…

  2. Since the trend is Euro’s making fun of Americans for being stupid, fat etc…(because we all know the rest of the world is none of those things) I find it refreshing that videos like this surface to show us silly Americans that you filthy Euro-trash are people too. happy sprinkle 🙂

    1. Haha you fucking moron you just showed how fucking ignorant you are. God.. Calling people stupid then saying an Australian accent is some european accent.. The irony.. Moron.

  3. i laugh mfao what a stupid motherfucker laugh while reading comments what kind of dumb fuck does tht to impress a girl retard could have killed ur self dumb ass

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