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    1. Frankly, a breaking board doesn’t have to be pre-cut to snap fairly easily if they’re dry enough. Regardless… impressive!

    1. I know, you just need to work on your Tittibhasana, it’s a bit sloppy. Oh, and shave your ass, it looks like a forest down there!!

    2. If they were more than 4 feet tall, they wouldn’t have that amazing center of gravity. You don’t see anyone over 6 feet do that shit.

    3. It’s true, I do need to landscape my anal beard… and though I don’t call my penis Yoda, I will from now on 😀 Be thinking of you every time I see him, Fred 😉

  1. None of this looks right without Hollywood computer animation added and thoroughly edited. These people need to get with the Wachowski Bros.

  2. Yeah, yeah…nothig special. Americans are better, they can kick their own balls and dress like freakin´gangstagaysanta :/

  3. Shufflin started in australia was stolen by asians we deported , then stolen by euro trash that who traveled arround asia then some how americans stole it , lets hope no one takes the Sydney Wobble 😉

  4. This is pretty much how I imagine the streets of all Asian countries where random Dance Dance Revolution meets Taekwondo competitions break out for no apparent reason. #Koreanflashmob

  5. this is pretty damn common all over seoul and it’s suburbs. in fact, that looks like my wife’s old hood. basically, the local kids from the tae kwon do school will give demos like this so other kids will sign up for class. pretty damn cool. i mean it’s a hell of a lot better concept then putting on some lame local “nobody bothers me” commercial on public access.

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