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  1. been married twice\ divorced twice. single for the last 13 years…..happiest years of my life. i say let women do whatever they want, just do it the hell away from me. p.s. guarantee you i’d still be married if they woulda paid heed to this sign, cause remember every single woman you see used to be someone’s pain in the ass!

    1. They’d still be married if they had been your quiet little subservient slaves, you mean? What a shock!

    2. Well I believe you’ve been 2 women’s pain in the ass, and it’s a good thing for the others you’re single now.

      Anyway, I think this sign is not to be taken seriously, not that I don’t believe no one could think that and have the guts to say it (I could take jimmyk8 as an example (don’t take it personal I just don’t like assholes (but who does ?))), but the “read bible for details” part makes me think it’s a joke, from someone who doesn’t like the bible and voluntarily misinterpreted some of it to turn it into derision.

  2. ironically some scientists now claim that women in the workplace may lead to our existence because of declining fertility rates, would be hilarious if a short-term win for feminists wipes our species.

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