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    1. @madalin seriously? retarded freak? what makes this girl a retarded freak? if you had the balls to actually try it you might understand. that shit is incredibly fun and relaxing. doing something you enjoy does not make a freak. theres probably alot more wrong with you than there is with this woman. shes not afraid to be who the fuck she is.

    2. hmmmm I don’t know Will…. That doesn’t look fun or relaxing to anyone but you… Do you by any chance cut yourself to feel better? If the answer is yes, seek help 😉

    3. @Will: Being not afraid to be who you are means little when you are dead or dying of some massive gangrenous infection. No one wants to see who you are if you are a retarded freak.

    4. If she was in a Saw movie, wouldn’t she be screaming “OH YES!MORE MORE!” instead of trying to free herself?

    5. yeah asshole. quit being so close-minded and get someone to point a running weed-whacker at your ballsack.

  1. She was hanging. It’s a meditation thing. It’s not hard to get past the pain if ur not a total pussy witch I know from ur comments most of u r

    1. A little bit of both I’d say. Just masturbate first, ask questions later. That’s what I do.

    1. i take it non of you have seen (the cell) with J’lo, id rather stay militaryminded than openminded thanx haha

    1. Because it gives me another legitimate reason to decline your mother’s sexual advances? Because it means I can listen to Celine Dion while waxing my nipples? Because it makes prison more like a great singles club? You tell me, little Bob 😉

  2. LOL There ya go Bob.. we all know you are saying being open minded = Emo . Wipe the mascara off and join the rest of us in reality land where noone gives a shit that you hurt yourself in your confusion, all the while thinking that it somehow allows you to transcend the barriers of society. How do you like still living in mom and dad’s basement?

  3. To the guys defending “suspension” … if you are THAT “open minded”, why do you care that much that others don’t like being in pain?

    1. Well, I forgot to put my question mark there, so I guess I got some points deducted anyway.
      BTW: I’ve put together quite a few hooks and scrapers with handles on them that I like to call my amateur gynecology kit. I wonder if she’s interested in letting me play doctor.

  4. It looks she might be at a hospital or doctor’s office? Maybe getting those hooks removed? Maybe because she’s a dumb bitch and that shit isn’t smart? You might be able to get past the pain now but what about when you cant use your arm anymore

  5. ok just for the record, i am in a relationship, have my own house, a daughter whom i love, a good job, am a christian, get on well with all of my family, do charity work and have many friends whom all care about me. I am also a goth. What we are looking at here is the hooks which are used for suspension, many of my friends have experienced this and have all told me how much fun it was, i have to admit it’s not something id do myself cuz im a big wuss, but, jesus….. give the girl a break, and don’t judge.

  6. It’s another form of body modification/piercing/scaring/ or tattooing. Of all forms of body art i’ve only experienced getting a tattoo, which is extremely painful for those who don’t know. The weird thing about the pain is it feels good in a way unlike anything else. All of you who are outraged and insulting this girl, whom you’ll never meet nor will your words ever reach her, are proving your own statements wrong. Being open minded is broadening ones horizon ever pressing against the borders of the mind doing, seeing, thinking, feeling anything that hasn’t yet been though or felt before. I would say Judgement is wrong but then i’d be a hypocrite because i just condemned the majority of you as closed minded. Just lie down on your bed ontop of the covers and untill you forget of your location and the confines of the world around you and you are suspended in an infinite expanse of endless blackness, think and convince yourself you are sinking into the ground.

    1. Uhhh…what? Anyway…I don’t find getting tattooed painful in the least – pain is something you don’t want, which exists because of an injury or accident and just SUCKS. Being tattooed is a choice (or at least I assume nobody held you down) and the sensation is simply a part of achieving the goal, which is the art. That being said, there are some forms of body mod which are painful, in my opinion anyway – such as stretching (any piercing, but most typically one’s earlobes). But again, although the sensation is not pleasant it is a rite of passage of sorts and there is a point to it. Now, as regards this girl – the hooks do indeed appear to be suspension hooks, but the placement would lead me to believe she did not in fact suspend, but rather just had the hooks inserted for shits and grins. Hey, what ever floats your boat lol. I was in the body mod industry for several years (as both an artist and shop owner) so honestly nothing really shocks me any more. You should see what some people have under their clothes…nah…on second thought lol you really shouldn’t. Too late for me…but save yourselves!!!! Don’t look!!! XD

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