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    1. Either way…I’d have blown my nose all over that guys face or shirt for making my nose bleed. Screw the hugs.

  1. Yes here’s my chance to say something really clever as quite possibly the very first person to comment on this video. Let’s see two German guys slapping each other what can be said about that?? Uhh…uh….uuuuhhhhh….. FIRST!

    Fuck I screwed up :/

  2. I heard they dun there went back to the trailer park to impregnate their sisters! That’s what I plan on doing after this John Deere tractor pull event!! Billybob sent from my Android

    1. wow really?! i doubt you seriously spell “dun” like that and i doubt you evwen reallly know a billybob…and if your so “redneck”, you wouldn’t be wasting time on here, you would be working. outside. in the heat. just sayin.

  3. 1st Guy: lets stand in a Hooters parking lot slap each other instead of going inside and checkin out some fine girls that will probably let us spank them.
    Group: Fuck Yeah!!!

  4. The guy bleeding apologized? What a PUSSY!
    He should have just put some tampons in his nose and got back to th fight lol.

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