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  1. Moolies are the first ones on TV to bitch and whine about the exploding HIV/ STD rates in ‘da coon-munity.
    Most of their fuckwit bucks are on the down-low anyway so it’s no wonder.

    1. You cant be serious. You look for any post that has a black person on it. You really are a fucking faggot. Theres no other way to explain it. Shut the fuck up and go clean your trailer.

    2. You try to fight racism with a semi racist comment “go clean your trailer.” I am assuming you assume he/she is white and lives in a trailer therefore is trailer trash?
      You’re just as ignorant. 🙂

    1. Ok 2DODO, this is enough! This is the third post in a row you mention me! I know I’m the center of your gay attention and everything, but the others need your advancements for the sake of their self esteems as well!

    2. 2lolo get your ass back in bed, my Dick still needs your attention…. AND SHUT THE FUCK UP you sound stupid again

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