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    1. He is 60 , so I guess thats what 45 years of prison will do for ya. His upper body is probably as ripped as his arsehole is from all the jail-love he got.

    2. no I want a little jabbs habbs , and missin`taps , get with the program man , damn ur so 3 months ago.

  1. Dammit, With You Comment You Have Just Shown How Jealous You Are Of Him! And How You FAIL At Existence! 🙂

    1. Prob only takes him an hour tops. Try 10 min in morning and 10 min at nite to start 50 push-ups and 100 situps each time…

  2. Lapdance may be right. Slaves were bred to be like this. Like Jack Lalane, this guy hit the jackpot in the gene pool, but he also works HARD to keep himself that way. Yes, I’m jealous. (but I’m 64, so I have four years of forgiveness.) I can still chin myself too, but I don’t think of myself as a physical specimen. My talents lie elsewhere.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. If he just adds some jumping squats to his regimine, he’ll have the full package.

  3. My best friend is 71 and in as well or better shape than this guy. I’m not dissing this dude, but I’m just not that impressed. Also, My 71 year old friend has a healthier looking head, all of his teeth and alot more of that intellectual goo than this guy.
    He pulls up in my driveway every other week with two girls as young as 18, wanting me to be the fourth wheel.
    I’m just saying, “more power” to this guy, but…what’s the big woop?
    Seems to me that everybody is so use to these 50 year old fuckwits that McDonald and Burger King out all the time and “I’ve paid my taxes…I’m retired! Don’t ask me to do a damned thing!…I want the senior discount!” type shit, that they don’t recognize a real human.
    And, if you notice, they walk with that “pitiful walk” shit, like “I’m old…please have mercy on me” crap.
    I’m sorry for not being PC, but fuck “some” of these old fucks.
    Wake up, Uhmericans! The majority of your old fucks are fucking with you! And you’re too PC to even get it!

    1. Where do I rent this fantasy video , LMFAO , are you a cronic liar , or just a simple minded dweeb who must one-up the next guy.

  4. this guy is great.. motivating. and for all those that have negative shit to say, take an hour away from sitting your lazy ass in front of the television and exercise. I have a job that I work over 40hrs a week and still manage to run 40 miles a week and have a few hours in the gym. More of you fat lazy fucks should make this guy your role model.

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