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    1. I wouldn’t be proud of being an indian. I have heard that indian boys suck each other dicks before they are married. Yuk.

    1. Ohhhhhhhhh india, I saw something actually interesting on that stupid show called “manswers”. Men in India, average have the smallest penises in the world… Smaller than the Chinese, or Japanese….. thasosad–(spoken in tiny mouse voice)!

      p.s. Americans have the biggest on average, ok bye!

    1. A medium generally needs to be translucent to facilitate tracing. School desks generally tend toward being on the opaque side.
      Unless the artist used contact paper (unlikely due to being in a classroom setting), I would say that his or her talent is legitimate.

  1. Lol funny because i know the person who drew this and i know this desk still exists…the art teacher took it apart and it is now hanging on the wall in the art room.

  2. There is a difference between Indians & NATIVE AMERICANS. JCJUNK is from INDIA for those who don’t know the difference. They don’t “scalp” people.

  3. I am a Native American btw, I am not sticking up for that idiot. Just offended that we are still confused as one & the same. Native Americans don’t wear stupid dots on our foreheads.

    1. @Lori – Get with the program. “Native Americans” are officially being called “First Nations” now… because ya’ll aren’t native to America; no one is native to anywhere except Africa.

      So they taught me in anthropology 121….

    2. @People r Stupid… Just so you know anthropology 101 taught you they wanted to be called first nations, did a native american ever tell you that? Cause last I checked they never had a say!

    1. Starting from the top (for the record, god im a dork) and going left to right…

      Reptar, Sonic, Kablam kid, Johnny Bravo, Bart simpson, Ibkis, Doug, Otto Rocket, Norbert, Wacko, Catdog, Hey Arnold, Gerald, Heff, Edd, Tommy Pickles, Donatello, Pinky, Gumby, Stimpy, Batduck, Plank, Pikachu, and Max goof dressed as Powerline.

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