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    1. I was kind of wondering that myself since this really looks like a morgue pic. Then again, I don’t see her lying on a table or anything. Could be possible she was such a fail that they just decided to prop her up after death to make fun of her while partying. Just a thought.

    2. Judging by the drool gathering at the side of her mouth n the grease on her face, I’d say she’s alive… unfortunately. Do you think someone glued that to her head while she was sleeping?

    3. Noo I think she did that… and it’s a terrible terrible fail… If you’re gonna wear a weave…… or whatever that is…. wear it right >.<
      But unfortunately she's alive.. I don't think would show dead people… although that could be hilarious!

    1. It’s people like you that make us whites look bad. Haven’t you seen the trailer trash that makes it on here all the time? Ugh…craker ass cum-guzzling cunt.

  1. WTF. And what is up with the over-the-top, don’t-even-try-to-look-natural false eyelashes I seem to be seeing on women of color of late? Not cute, girls. Your eyes should not look as though they are obscured by some alien species of mutant bristly caterpillars!

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