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    1. I was just going to comment about that. About 75% of the picture fails are of gay guys/transexuals. Two black dudes, on a subway, one sleeping on the other’s shoulder: Fail. Two guys sitting in a bath tub: Fail. A guy who is clearly gay, wearing makeup, girls jeans, and a tight pink t shirt: Fail. So what’s the fail? Oh, they fail at being straight. Good one.

  1. LMAOOOOOOO yeah thats me ; first off i look nothing like a transvestite . if you think i look like a tranny you need to get your eyeballs checked . fuck outta here . and whoever put this picture on i WILLL find you and i WQILLL kill you .

    1. miikey i fucking love you , people are just jealous that you can pull off looking like that then most girls can <3 fuck these people & what they gotta say . haters gonna hatee <3 haley & alyshaa

  2. this is so fucked up miikey i fucking love you . youre seriously pathetic if you think this is a fail , if he wants to dress like that then let it fucking be . i think this is fucking sexy <3 miikey babyy i lovee yaa <3 haleey

    dude this is fucking retarded like seriously leave my mikey alone you people are fucking pathetic assholes who have no life i dont think you guys look fucking better then him your all probably fucking fat ass hell virgins who wish they werent so go finish fucking watching your porn and jacking off into a sock puppet with some girl name on it and hair lmfao but thank you people who dont think this is a fail and how its fucked up but ovbiously he could give a fuck less cuz he knews hes hotter and he can get more bitches then you <3alyshaa!!

  3. ok first i hate gay people second this isnt a fail he is a sexy tone fag im sure there are allot of guys drooling over this atm so learn what a fail is…..queer 🙂