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    1. Well, I tried to add you but all I kept finding was some old washed up stripper from Albuquerque… your loss.

    2. I like you, Nicky. Just not in that way.
      BTW: I don’t have a Facebook account, either. Gotta FuckBook account, though. And several subscriptions.

    3. I love you too Fred. Are you on ‘adult friend finder’? Check me out in the submissive gimp section… play your cards right and Justin Beaver could be giving you a private performance.

    4. Well, yeah I’m on Adult Friend Finders, but my best video is on eFukt, entitled Big Meaty Balls. I’m a fucking STAR!!!

  1. She looks like she been in several fights w that scar on her face…moral of the story is be careful who u friend & defiend on FB!!

  2. Danm!! I should join Facebook……… I’ll have only 1 friend and that’s her, Jennifer
    Will be my girlfriend and we will have SEX every day and night………. I’ll lick her pussy and fuck her ass- too……..

    Than 1 day I’ll send Jennifer to MM17 Home…… She will RAPE everyone in MM17 house and burn it down……….. : )

  3. FUCKING AMERICANS! You idiots are just entertainment for the rest of the world…. And thats not a compliment, nothing but stupid people

    1. And beginning a sentence (if you can call any of that nonsense sentences) with the word “And” is pure brilliance. Way to go, moron.

  4. Are you serious? ONLY evidence to pin it on this woman is a “Dislike” or “Unfriend” and you throw her in jail.. WTF happen to REAL detective work.. Wow..

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