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    1. Can remember doing the same myself when I was young, there’s always a handy blank sheet or two at the back so you can have an ink-free smoke 🙂

    1. So am I. Tho, almost every non believer you meet will know more than most believers. It seems they have done their research to come to the conclusion they find it’s bullshit. While some believers, as my myself, do not have a fraction of their knowledge yet continue to believe because we have been raised to do just that and not question it.

  1. This is why I trust atheist more than people who believe in the bible because religious people don’t respect life like atheist do, religious people will say “god can sort them out” or “there in a better place” fuck that I want to live, I want to live my own life and not live by a 2,000+ year old book

    1. christians respect life more that u can possible understand.leave ur own life but be responsible and respectfull to others that deserve that.atheist dont care about the continue of human life thats why most of them are homosexual.btw bible is it or not its is history and u can learn more from history than now days

    2. Pol Pot, Stalin and Mao all had regimes based on Atheism, three individuals that set the gold standard in respecting human rights and life right?

    3. @ Ellin… first things first you meant ” live your own life” and second of all “christians respect life more than u can possible (?) understand”-probably false. like greeny said, atheists respect life more because they fight for the individuals rights, unlike religious individuals who still live in their bubble, refusing to look at the facts to keep their “MORAL” standards… sure religion is beautiful blah blah blah, but to be honest 3000years ago they needed it, now education and morality is all we need, and religion is only used as a tool against education and morality!. i am jewish by identity, but no body really knows, including christains/jews/muslums/and all others.

    4. @ellin. The problem is the bible was written by man and therefore is just worthless really. People will twist and warp things until it fits into their nice little bubble of beliefs. Nowadays, most of the things in the bible are outdated and do not really fit with modern socities views. Well, that is unless you still believe in selling your daughter and such :p

    5. Wow… Ellen says that most atheists are gay.

      I suppose when you make so many ridiculous assumptions based on fairy tales, it’s hard to pick and choose which one to jump on.

      Silly girl.

  2. @greeny
    You can’t just say that, because not every religious person thinks that way.
    I’m very religious and my best friend is gay. But still I love him and he’s part of my family.
    Not every religious person is homophobic and racist.

  3. None of you truly understands the bible especially the person who wrote that comment. (fucking dumbasses) Yes, being a homosexual is a sin and even more if you fuck people with the same sex as you but that does not mean they should be cast out. And the part where an someone who commits adultery should be stoned? Jesus saved a woman who was about to be stoned because of adultery because let’s face it, no one is fucking perfect. Everyone sins so Christians who discriminate gays and lesbians are also dumbasses and I’m a Christian but I have lots of gay friends and some lesbians i think but i don’t judge them. I pray they change their ways but I don’t tell them directly. THAT’S CALLED RESPECT. Oh and btw, the Bible should not be interpreted as historical but rather a means to be saved. The bible has lots of errors but that has no effect in our faith because what we are after is the salvific messages it gives. SO FUCK YOU ALL ATHEISTS WHO THINK THIS GIRL WHO COMMENTED THIS IDIOTIC COMMENT KNOWS THE BIBLE MORE THAN US CHRISTIANS. She’s a dumbass and so are other people who believe her.

    1. Well now… I’m sorry but if you don’t accept someone for who they are and you “pray” behind their backs to change in a way that you think (religous reasons or not) they should be, you don’t respect them. I spent 2 years in marriage hell with my ex because her and her parents are some staunch christians and tried to shove the bible and church down my throat. And when I refused to accept that I was ostrisized from the family, was belittled and my wife desided cheating on me was the godly thing to do. I’m sorry but my oppinion on the matter is you bcan take your comment, religion, bible, and pastor and shove them up your a$$. You are doing no one favors by making that comment and all you are doing is showing why so many ppl stay the hell away from christianity… Which is the most violent religion around. More blood has been shed over the christian public trying to force their views on other ppl than any non religous war. So before you try and condemn someone you need to look at thee big picture and shut your mouth and keep your comments to your self. Ppl have the right to believe what they want, and you havge no right to condemn them for their choices. If there is a god then he will take care of it. Not you

    2. yeah, bebe…Jesus really digs your foul ass mouth. Thanks for spreading the word. And FYI, the “atheist” seems to be quite educated on the bible…why the hell are you assuming she’s an atheist? You aren’t allowed to call yourself a Christian and be gay now??? Wow. You are a piece of work.

    3. @ vic: When correcting ones English skills, one would probably look less like a petty, nitpicking troll, if one actually used proper punctuation and syntax. Im just saying.

    4. And in regards to the “fuck all you atheists” for the words of someone who you don’t even know. It isn’t even a matter of who knows more, she wasn’t writing a novel, she was just quoting one. She was also using the interpretations and meanings of those writings, as dictated by the scholars and leaders of your faith. Basically the people who actually would know more about it than your average Christian. As an atheist, I have a perspective that you will never know, you being of faith. I don’t belittle your people, nor do I mock them. I just quietly believe whatever I want, and follow the rules of society, at a level I feel is acceptable. And to date, I have never been harassed on the street, on public transit, at work, or at my own home, by an atheist wanting money.

    5. There is a lord and if all of you don’t believe in him why is it such a big deal!?!?!? Sorry but atheists that scream and gripe about christians is like an adult yelling and insulting the tooth fairy. Jesus will save those who believed in him not those who lived a perfect life. There is a better place and that is where Christians going. But honestly if we are so wrong what does it matter to you we are all dying so you believe your going no where and we’ll know we are going to be with our God

    6. Taylor, please note that you just compared your god to the “Tooth Fairy.” You do realize how you just proved another point, right? And I just have to say it, but do you honestly believe any god would waste their time worrying about a tiny blue planet, in an itty bitty galaxy? I’m sorry, you have every right to believe what you wish. But as a human being, I feel like I have to use logic and reason. I, personally, can not follow the words of a book that was written thousands of years ago and has no historical evidence. If there is any god out there, they will know what is in my soul. And I am figuring that they are a little more “all knowing” than to punish me for using the functioning brain they have given me. Oh, by the way, I am not an atheist and it really isn’t anyone’s business but my own. Which is kind of the point of spirituality. Just saying.

  4. The bible gives us a code to live by, and just because some people don’t like it they say it’s bs. We can all give clever retorts that seem like they make sense but in the end they’re just our words and not Gods.

  5. the second person is just talking about muslim craps.not for bible.and yes homosexual shall die.and all of u saying bad things about bible u are 0 iq.if all where homosexual or 0 iq then human will not reproduce.

    1. That shows you have a 0 iq by making that comment… And every one dies. Not just gays. So rethink your statement and actually use some common sence when you type. Instead of sentence fragments… Dumba$$

    2. Read a book, Ellin. Seriously, your English is terrible. You are not doing your religion any favors by coming on here and proving to the world that the devout Christians are unreachable, closed minded, judging, hating dimwits. Jesus never said anything close to what you just said, and if you think that spewing misspelled, un-punctuated hatred like that is being a good Christian, well… Good luck in the Hell of your choosing, friend. Me, Im going to try and live without laying judgement on people whose decisions and lifestyles dont affect my, or my neighbors or family’s happiness, and be happy for the blessing of this life, and enjoy it, and the many diverse people in it, all that much more, simply because it actually may be the only life we have.

  6. what do you expect from sheep? these “christian” people are brought up from babies getting this bullshit drilled into them, and never taught to think on their own. all they can do is mimic what they have been told from a 3000 year old book of fiction stories. they are no better than these “twilight” junkies who act like that shit is real. they will never open their eyes to reality, so everyone is just wasting their breath trying to make them see. and the debate goes on……..

    1. Actually idiot there are plenty of Christians who come to Christ in adulthood. Your comment is unintelligent and yes we are sheep but we have a savior named Jesus and he honestly doesn’t care what you believe so why should we? Those “sheep” are taught the living word of Christ sorry if I put that above MTV or Twilight! Also your right it is a waste of breath because we do see! You are blind and lost and damned to hell! And I honestly don’t care if believing that makes me “conservative” or “ignorant”. Oh why? Because I have a PHD amd graduated college #1 in my class so nope we think pretty well actually. (:

    2. Since when does being a doctor (or Christian for that matter) give you the right to tell other people that they are wrong for living the life they lead? You are passing judgment, when it says in your own bible that only your god has that right. You clearly do not think “pretty well.” You act like you know your messiah, when you obviously can not comprehend any of the fictional love he was trying to portray. I can see the vast openness in everything I see. I can see the wonder in how everything was created and how it will be destroyed. I would consider you the blind, because instead of looking out and seeing all that is there. You are hiding under a blanket, telling yourself that everything is going to be alright because the “tooth fairy” will save you. Sorry, Doctor, that’s not the way things work in the real world.

  7. The fail here was responding to Patti in the first place, Patti was probably another internet troll saying whatever she could to get a big response.


    Please Read…….. You can’t be a HOMOSEXUALITY all your live!!! And Having an ADULTERY with MM17, RUBBER CHICKEN and SPR808……….. I know this because the Bible told me so…..

  9. I think I just found my new sig- “I believe in morality, which is doing what is right regardless of what I am told…not in religion, which is doing what I am told regardless of what is right.”

    1. Ellin is a cunt

      “I believe in morality, which is doing what is right regardless of what I am told…not in religion, which is doing what I am told regardless of what is right.”

  10. Not all Christians are homophobic pricks who discriminate all others. The bibles was written thousands of years ago, and every single one of us has broken at least a few “rules” of the bible. If the “rules” haven’t changed by now then we’re all screwed and we’re all going to hell. If they have changed, then the decent people who have done good things in their life and have tried not to be slutty selfish shit heads, will go to heaven… if it exists. No one can say it does or doesn’t… we just have to wait until we die to find out, and none of us will ever know until then.

    1. Your comment is ridculous. The rules havn’t changed. The law still stands but CHrist covers our sin with his blood when we confess and believe in him. No other way! Your deeds get you no where Only he is enough!

  11. arent the most important ‘religious’ laws you shall not kill, steal, lie, and judge? u religious fucks are pathetic…. its bcus of close minded fucks like that, that the US is the least evolved nation of all developed countries… thank you douche bags, now please either invest in an education or go jump off a cliff, thank you…….
    ps> the other day sum dumn bitch tried tellin my professor evolution was a myth, everyone laughed at her face =)

    1. Yes claibear you are obviously extremely intelligent. Your language and grammer is about as evolved as an ape.

    1. kind of like 21st century germans, japanese, french, iranians, sri lankans, etc., talking about morality. Unless you’re a big-eyed alien in disguise, you should really get off your high horse

  12. First off it’s a win only as in she knew the bible too it is a fail as in homos are still going to hell if they don’t ask for forgiveness and act upon their sinful nature I am pretty sure if homosexuality were not a sin then God would not have turned people in to stone and burnt down a whole town because it was full of filth. Also the old testament has things that the new testament changes so thanks for the old testament verses telling about how it is wrong here is a new testament one 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 – “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. Lastly when we all die you will find out what happens and those that are sent to hell because their names are not in the book of judgement will wish they had lived their lives otherwise while they are burning eternally. The end no matter what you believe or don’t believe in. Whether or not you believe homosexuality is a sin based upon your interpretations of the scripture, there are some issues surrounding the treatment of homosexuals of which Christians need to be aware. While the Old Testament focused on rules and consequences, the New Testament offers a message of love. There are some Christian homosexuals and there are those that desire deliverance from homosexuality. Rather than trying to be God and pass judgement on those individuals, a better option may be to offer prayers to those struggling with their homosexuality. I don’t care if people are gay but it is still wrong.

    1. So basically your argument is entirely based on your faith in your holy book which pretty much makes it difficult to present it as a fact.

  13. One more thing we don’t pray that you change who you are we pray you seek salvation. Learn something before saying something you know nothing about. Why not pick the bible up read it then get back to me. As I said in the end we all meet our maker those who have salvation and are going to heaven will be awesome those who don’t sorry. And if there is nothing no heaven no hell then there is nothing. If there is I would rather be safe than sorry.

    1. You would think an omnipotent maker would know if someone believes on the basis “I would rather be safe than sorry”.

    1. either that or you just childishly deny every alternative argument to the fairy tales presented in the bible.

    2. I love how Xtians try to validate the bible by quoting… the bible.

      The bible was a book put together by a group of men, passed down through languages and centuries and edited by the elite until it finally became public and they couldn’t change it anymore.

      By the way, great quote from you further up the thread: “I would rather be safe than sorry”

      Great example of true faith, believer. =/

  14. this is america. freedom of speech, religon, and i would assume opinion. everyone firing profanity,”shame on you!” respect one another that is one of the main messages of the biblical Christ (read between the lines about love thy neighbor). In the new testament it talks about if your eye gives offense pluck it out. If your right hand gives offense cut it off. The new testament also speaks about being careful to not offend other people. please people, in this post and in the rest of your lives please try your utmost to be polite to one another. you don’t have to agree, but you can be respectful to one another. As far as homosexuality goes, the bible does not rate one sin better or worse than any other. The bible lists all kinds of sins (premartial sex, being drunk, gluttony, etc). The new testement also leans hard towards love the sinner, hate the sin. Also forgiveness. How many of you-atheist,christians, and everone in between-can forgive someone who has done you really wrong. And does someone else’s PERSONAL lifestyle really hurt you? There are soo many things in life that are much more important to worry about. Also the bible tells us to not worry about a splinter in out neighbors eye when we have a beam in our own. Also “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Before we start worrying about everyone else’s “sins”, shouldn’t we first examine our own lives, because, really, are you yourself perfect. And yes i am really an agnostic leaning hard towards atheism. I just personally fell that ANYTHING that can lead an individual to increase his or her wisdom is something that should be used. bible, koran, tamuli, bhuddism, etc. Or we can let intolerance destroy not only our country, but the entire world. To be crass-JUST GET OVER IT, ALREADY!

  15. I think she got her point across which was a win. The Homosexuality issue is just when you think about it history repeating itself and we as humans not learning from our past mistakes. Two very prominent situations would be how the Bible was used to suppress women in society and was a tool for mass murdering of women for a great period of time, it was also instrumental in the justification of African American people being used as slaves. The LGBT community is simply the next in line of “mistakes” going through what we have been taught a million times over but forever fail to realize and that is, you can’t suppress a group of people or condemn them or look down upon them simply because they are different in what ever form that may take. When it comes to religious books you have to believe half of what you read and believe all that you see, after all these are old writing’s subject to human error and translated and changed over time and also used for human purposes which some times if not more than less are used for personal gain and politics. I don’t blame religion I blame those who represent it, mainly because all religion at it’s core is about love and tolerance but you get those individuals who seethe phrases like “you will burn in hell for those sins” with almost a sense of gratification behind it and that type of person is an EPIC FAIL to the religion they represent.

  16. this religion should have died with time because very little peaple knew about jesus(who realy existed)but circumstance made a military commander,Theodosius the Great, want to be the emperor of win the favor of the most people, he promised to the women, the poors,the slaves and the verry little christians left(because the emperor befor him had persecuted them)to make this the official religion and he won cauze at the time jesus message was that every one was equal and that appeald to those groups.
    in history, people needed to know how thigs were happening and they invented religion to explaine it,they had no technologie to help them find out, so they invented gods, goddess and all, it is normal, but to still believe those religion, in the years 2000, is to let yourself be controled by the leaders of those religions. (it took alot of time to studie this part of historie in my history class so this is a quik revue of why it is unlogical to believe in those things)(thow SOME of the values are good)(sorry for the bad english, It is not my first language)

  17. Galatians, chapter 3

    Justification by Faith.* 1O stupid* Galatians! Who has bewitched you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified?a 2I want to learn only this from you:b did you receive the Spirit from works of the law, or from faith in what you heard?* 3Are you so stupid?c After beginning with the Spirit, are you now ending with the flesh?* 4Did you experience so many things* in vain?—if indeed it was in vain. 5Does, then, the one who supplies the Spirit to you and works mighty deeds among you do so from works of the law or from faith in what you heard?d 6Thus Abraham “believed God,e and it was credited to him as righteousness.”*

    7* Realize then that it is those who have faith who are children of Abraham.f 8Scripture, which saw in advance that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, foretold the good news to Abraham, saying, “Through you shall all the nations be blessed.”g 9Consequently, those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham who had faith.h 10* For all who depend on works of the law are under a curse; for it is written, “Cursed be everyone who does not persevere in doing all the things written in the book of the law.”i 11And that no one is justified before God by the law is clear, for “the one who is righteous by faith will live.”j 12But the law does not depend on faith; rather, “the one who does these things will live by them.”k 13Christ ransomed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written, “Cursed be everyone who hangs on a tree,”l 14that the blessing of Abraham might be extended to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.m

    The Law Did Not Nullify the Promise. 15* Brothers, in human terms I say that no one can annul or amend even a human will once ratified.n 16Now the promises were made to Abraham and to his descendant.* It does not say, “And to descendants,” as referring to many, but as referring to one, “And to your descendant,” who is Christ.o 17This is what I mean: the law, which came four hundred and thirty years afterward,* does not annul a covenant previously ratified by God, so as to cancel the promise.p 18For if the inheritance comes from the law,q it is no longer from a promise; but God bestowed it on Abraham through a promise.*

    19* Why, then, the law? It was added for transgressions, until the descendant* came to whom the promise had been made; it was promulgated by angels at the hand of a mediator.r 20Now there is no mediator when only one party is involved, and God is one.s 21Is the law then opposed to the promises [of God]? Of course not! For if a law had been given that could bring life, then righteousness would in reality come from the law.t 22But scripture confined all things under the power of sin, that through faith in Jesus Christ the promise might be given to those who believe.u

    What Faith Has Brought Us.* 23Before faith came, we were held in custody under law, confined for the faith that was to be revealed.v 24Consequently, the law was our disciplinarian* for Christ, that we might be justified by faith.w 25But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a disciplinarian.x 26For through faith you are all children of God* in Christ Jesus.y 27* For all of you who were baptized into Christz have clothed yourselves with Christ.* 28There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free person, there is not male and female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.a 29And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s descendant, heirs according to the promise.b

  18. * [3:19–22] A digression: if the Mosaic law, then, does not save or bring life, why was it given? Elsewhere, Paul says the law served to show what sin is (Rom 3:20; 7:7–8). Here the further implication is that the law in effect served to produce transgressions. Moreover, it was received at second hand by angels, through a mediator, not directly from God (Gal 3:19). The law does not, however, oppose God’s purposes, for it carries out its function (Gal 3:22), so that righteousness comes by faith and promise, not by human works of the law

  19. Some interesting points to throw into the mix:
    1- Roman Catholics teach that Jesus started a new covenant between humanity and God, and that the old covenant was broken by his death, thus technically negating all Mosaic law.
    2- St. Peter, the first pope, at one point made a decree at the urging of St. Paul, a non-Jew among the early Christians, that new converts no longer were obligated to obey O.T. laws, just the N.T. teachings.
    3- The O.T. books of Genesis through Deuteronomy were written in an ancient dialect of Hebrew way back when the Hebrews were under the Babylonian Captivity, written from memory of the few Rabbis that wanted to risk death to preserve their religion. It is possible that some of the history was slanted to propagate a negative image of the culture of their Babylonian captives. What we read in the Bible is the English translation of the Latin translation of the Ancient Greek translation of the Ancient Hebrew, and picked by a council of Bishops and Cardinals to make it into the final “official” edition of the Bible, so there is a few more points where revisions could have been made….

  20. homosexuality is not a crime nor has it ever sentences you to hell in the bible. the reason it is discouraged is because it discourages re-production. people writing “live by” literature in those days wanted re-population. also any sane person “even if they want to participate or enjoy it” that your anus is meant to expel waste. if you stick your finger up there it is dirty. you stick a dick up there and it can get infected. exit only because of bacteria. maybe people writing the bible didn’t appreciate disease getting rampantly spread throughout there country. most people are not homophobes the are in fact grossed out by the thought of SHIT ON THERE DICKS the end

    1. Yes. Because homosexuality is limited to man on man AND anal sex! Do you ever think about what you’re getting ready to type?

  21. The bible was man made…..never justify yourself with the bible ..always as an excuse that the bible says this and that…the reason why it says being gay is immoral its because people saw it like that…a lot people use the bible to their convenience…if your son or daughter was gay/lesbian would you hate your own child???no of course not….god is love not hatred

  22. Okay guys, we all need to calm down. not all christians are bigoted hypocritical douchebags, just most of them. we need to understand that some people have different beliefs than we do. In my opinion, most christians try to be good people but they fuck up all the time and end up being assholes. but we need to be loving and teach them the error of their ways. being gay is natural, most of the animal kingdom has been observed doing the gayness and that right there proves its natural. because nature in its most mindless and primal form exhibits it. its like being born retarded or with a deseise, its there from birth and itll come out eventually. hopefully you can be amongst righteous, understanding people when you finally admit to yourself that youre gay. and if not and youre around hateful christian homophobes, killing spree! and christians, calm your retardedness, the bible is a billion years old, this is now. holding on to homophobia is like holding on to racism and slavery, its fuckin wrong

  23. Fuck it, I’ll go to hell. Satan probably has a sense of humour and at least it’ll be warm! Can also hang with all the good musicians, because we all know the devil makes the best music.

  24. lmfao this is fucking priceless, not the post but the comments that follow. What a waste of time, then again religious people love wasting time as long as people know they stand for something. Like anyone gives a shit, pathetic just fucking pathetic.

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