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    1. Become a muslim then blow yourself up and you get seventy of them, but the dry cleaning bill is a killer!!

    2. @lan I think that’s 72.

      Nice to know virgins still get married, but eww.

      @fail clown And not all virgins make horrible lays. Some are naturals 😉

    1. Yes, Spankorama, we get it. It was with your hand and thats all it ever has been. But the real question is, did your hand bleed from your needle dick poking it when you took your hand’s virginity?

    2. @deadlyfoez. hes mocking the bloodstaine because ya know a vindaloo is a burny hot curry that is so hot its meant to make your arse bleed, he wasnt making a reference to the virgin, but to the photo so STFU

    3. @spiderman, thats great and all, but I’m making fun of the fact that his name is spankorama. he could have said that he remembers his first bicycle and I still would have make a masturbation joke. So you STFU.

  1. Looking at the great big fat fatty in the profile picture, this was probably just her head exploding from the pressure of being sat on.

  2. nothin like a good ol’ period fuck.
    no lubrication necessary. and after goin down you look like dracula.
    just like in trueblood.

  3. So when will the bride post her very own blood stained sheet pic after she takes a turn raping his a$$ w/a mega dildo?? What’s fair is fair, right? “Consummated” ; )

  4. Whatelet a disgusting sick fuck puts this on fb. Did you blow up the twin towers too Dick psykobith. There should be a law against psykos like you, i sincerely hope you die a slow, painfull death.

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