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    1. Ugly as shit. Embarrassing person. Does he seriously think that this is sexy? Fagboy, u are as swag as a pocahontas!

    2. Fuk Both Of Yu HatinG MuthaFuckersZ..I Aint Tryna Be No One ut Myself ..SoOo GrOw The Fuk Up Yu Stra8 PeOple Are MaD Cuz ”Gays” Are Takiin Ova

    3. In this day and age, we can be who ever we want, if it makes us happy. Childish comments are only words Angelius, they can’t hurt you. Keep up the good work, you look beautiful!!!!

    4. Angelius, Hey I dont care if you’re gay or if you’re not, but if you want people to respect you, learn how to write. I dont know, go to school, learn some grammar THEN come here and express your distaste against homophobic people.

    5. Pamela- you are certainly correct and incorrect at the same time. You can’t be a murderer just because it makes you happy. And if you choose to do something “out side the ‘norm'” then you have made a choice and should be prepared to face the consequences! He types like someone with a 3rd grade education. Spelling is atrocious and use of capitals is an example of what not to do. Using profanity to make ones point is juvenile at best.
      With that said… Him flipping the camera off is about as intimidating and “gangsta” as Hello Kitty on a baby bottle.
      He is a male wearing lip gloss… really hard to take him seriously. Just make sure he doesn’t mess up my order in the drive thru or fail in the “fashion design” business!

  1. HAHAHAHAHA my shaved nuts look more manlier than that, even the left nut looks like it can get more bitches than him,it, whatever the fuck that is

    1. he gets guys to whistle and yell out “nice ass”when they see him from behind and he gets girls to like him from the front because they think he’s gay,he’s a only child and mom bought his dolls while dad bought cars and trucks when in fact the both parents together should have bought a gun.If not for him then for themselves.

  2. Fuk WhO Ever Put My Pixs Up Here…Im AnGelius FamOuz An YeSs I Am A Fem Boy An WEAR Make-Up An DresS Better Than Bitchesz I LoOk Betta Then Lotsz Of Nigguhs And Most Ya Are Mad Cuz Ya Could Neva Be Me…Yu Think Postiin My Piic Up Here Imma Get Mad….Nope Ya Jst Bringiin My Popularity Up An Helpiin Me Get More FamOuz SoOo Thank Yu…An EvryOne Thats Commetiin On Thiisz Piic Sayiin Some Fuked Up Shiit…FUCK YOU..

    1. Stop typing as if your a negroid.
      We all know you’re probably some 14 year old chubby white kid playing on your moms laptop.

    2. Fuck You Okay I KnO How ToO Type…Thisz Website N EVRYoNE Commettiin On My Picturesz …Ya Can ALL Suck My Fat DICK…

    3. oh yeah, we suppose with that face you have a very “fat dick”..lmao..u are so fucked up …please come back to reality

    4. baby you are so sexy dont worry about these damn haters they aint shit u cute as hell and u fly as hell boo dont worry bout it u bad <3

    5. thats right u tell these haters wassup!!! u are sooo damn fine im tellin u, they gonna keep hatin but u still sexy <3

    6. Angelius, Hey I dont care if you’re gay or if you’re not, but if you want people to respect you, learn how to write. I dont know, go to school, learn some grammar THEN come here and express your distaste against homophobic people.

  3. All Ya CommetinG On My Pictures Iytsz Not HurtiinG Me YeSsS I aM a Gay Man WhO Loves Make-Up And Yea I Have My Mustach ToO SoOo Fukiin Wut Itsz 2011 GrOw The Fuk Up And StOp HatinG….

    1. I agree. If you would just type correctly this wouldn’t be so bad, but you’re just making it worse on yourself. You’re a beautiful person, and you have every right to be who you are, but make your pictures private if you don’t want them exploited. Lesson learned.

    2. Oh, and duckface alone will get you on epic fail. When you add everything on top of it, you’re just fucked. Just say no to duckface!

  4. yall bitches need to quit hating on him yall needs to get yall some lifes and leave him the fuck alone haters like he said yall are only making him more famous hes got more than most of yall dont have so quit fuking hating (i support you)

  5. epic fail is such a anti-gay website!!! even tho hes gay doesn’t make him a fail hes actually cute!! his clothes are nice, his whole attire is fine!! stop hating. there is nothing FAIL about this guy he seems perfectly fine and gay to me

  6. Is this the same person who told us to stop hating on britney spears…honey if we are not hurting your feeling why do you keep replying to all the comments. And using cap-letters every other letting is only showing us how childish and immature you really are. Put on some real cloths, and stop trying to get a chance to go to neverland, it ain’t gunna happen.

  7. Um ok first of all everyone of you people “hating” on him need to chill. Second everyone has the right to express who they are how they want. Why cant everyone stop being jerks and open your eyes and see that no is perfect. Men like to watch porn with lesbians but have the nerve to say being gay is wrong. And dont even think about pulling any bible crap because nowhere in the bible does it say being gay is wrong. Yes it says a women was created for man but it doesnt say they are FORCED to be with a women. It also says every person put on the earth is entitled to happiness so if a man makes him happy good! Sorry this was so longxP

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