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    1. LOL, that isn’t a strap for any surf board. That isn’t even a surf board. It does however indeed look like an ankle monitor.

    2. Right and Right!!! it’s not a surfboard and that is not an ankle monitor. What you see their is a body board with the wrist monitor. If you look closer you can see the cord laying on the board.

  1. Haha this is definitely a win!!

    Amanda, have you ever been surfing? There is an ankle brace connected to the board. It’s not a monitor -.-

    1. I agree. I never heard of surfers being tethered to their boards. In movies or real-life never heard of such a thing, nor have we seen one…EVER.

    1. you need to learn how to form your sentences better. this is how what you just wrote would be spoken aloud:
      “Damn that!”
      -awkward pause-
      “my good sir is fantastic.”

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