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  1. PROOF FINALLY that these fucking morons don’t think further than the length of their wee-widdo penises. I hope this fucking show finally gets shut down, man. You know it USED to be good back in the day… but as with ALL things of popularity, as soon as a million muther-fuckers watch it, it’s time to brainwash the masses with it as a tool and all good things (like THINKING) go out the window. I hope those 2 fucking saps on the show get theirs for selling out in the big N.W.O.

  2. 1,000 feet per second, traveling at “bullet speed”. Actually 1,000 feet per second is pretty slow for a bullet. What are they shooting a pellet gun? LOL! That is pretty lucky they didn’t hurt anyone. Something to go home and tell the wife about!

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