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    1. he seems pissed off allready on the first ring in the video, just wonder how many times they must have ringed before they film it xD

  1. You are cowards – every’s die, you have nothing death of feel, you never early die, don’t stand round gaping cowards the trash, blood bath to funny farm the dig we are!!!

    1. Did you drool slightly when writing this Salamon? I am guessing either English is NOT your first language, or you have a special talent of licking windows :/

  2. The guy is really eadier to gety along with than any1!,.. He’s just playinbg along! How many of the people posting has watched hinm 4 years ans tears? ;))

  3. Bothering people like this isn’t a win… *frowns*

    WIN woud be if he beat them for bothering him or something 😛 😀

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