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    1. The term white trash means that most trashy people are not white. You wouldn’t have to specify it, so for black people to use it your really being racist to minorities.

    1. Why do people make assumptions about others based on dress or tattoos? It’s far too easy to shop at Abercrombie and think you’re God’s gift. Righteous people are righteous because of their own merits and not because they a judges. Judgements don’t say anything about the person who’s being judged… just about the person who is making them. Grow up. Seriously.

    2. @ Bliss Gold:
      Agree, but you are on the internet. On the EpicFail web pages.
      People write a lot of stuff when they can hide behind the anonymity. It’s just their own kind of fun.
      And of course, some people are just plain stupid, realy hard to tell on the internet! 🙂

      Anyway – I DO think this tattoo is a FAIL, but I like her style (except the HUGE sunglasses – don’t like those at all).

    3. So many people take this site and the comments far too seriously… for me, it’s about poking fun at other people’s misfortune… fuck knows it’s happened to me enough in the past and I accept it. Nay, I embrace it, because it is human nature and we are only human. Oh and just for the record, when I said “most people would assume she’s white trash”, I wasn’t counting myself in that number. I think she’s kinda sexy.

    1. I camp out by the refresh button with a gallon of coffee, a tub of lotion and 3 packs of kitchen roll. Beats working 😉

    2. By “work from home in IT”, Ian actually means “I am an unemployed alcoholic with an addiction to online porn and compulsive masturbation… in between wanks, I leave comments on Epicfail”. We know our own…

  1. she is by far not white trash but all her haters think her tattoos are, guess her haters just keep making her famous, she is a hard working single mother, that loves her kids and takes care of them without government assistance. check out her fan page before you become so judgemental,but then again, thats whats wrong with our society,Quick to judge but slow at learning the Heart and soul of an individual….shame on your nasty comments, hope you don’t kiss your Mothers with those nasty mouths of yours.

    1. First of All… She Was The Dumb One For Putting It On Her Hand, So She Brought This
      Attention To Herself

  2. I actually know her, and she’s one of the best people I know. She’s a far cry from White Trash. She loves giggling at all you people that bash her. It’s sad really that all of you have nothing better to do that bash people you don’t know. Have a wonderful day!

  3. I think you all are a bunch of morons. She’s an awesome person, she doesn’t live in a trailer park. If you knew her then you wouldn’t dare make such lame accusations or comments. People love to jump on the hate bandwagon. I’d say get a life and if you don’t like tattoos then don’t get any but don’t make assumptions about people who choose to. Grow up and get a life… what are y’all, like 12? Seriously. Most of you aren’t even articulate enough to spell properly or use proper grammar. Geez.

    1. When I grow up I want to be just like you……
      BTW, that was sarcasm, just like most of the comments here, geez girl, go suck on some helium and lighten up!!

  4. How shallow all of you are. This woman is a beautiful person. She is a single parent raising her two children. She has a wonderful family and they are definitely not trailer trash. She is an out spoken, down to earth woman who loves ink. She has some beautiful art work on her body. She has been featured in several magizines and has been in a couple videos. You shouldn’t pass judgement because of someones outter appearance. Just goes to show how SHALLOW some of you are.

  5. It amazes me how all of people are quick to judge someone who doesnt even care what you think…. do you think that if she was honestly white trash that she would be proud of it???? She is simply calling out all of you close minded stereo typical Campbell Soup labeling type of people who judge her for wearing her color on the outside instead of hiding them like the rest of you closeted people… all of you have something judgmental to say because deep down inside you wish you could be that bad ass! Do you know who she is???? have you ever had a conversation with her???? Do you know the struggles hat she faces daily???? and last but not least… are you her? No to all of those of course because frankly non of you have a clue about her life style till you have walked a mile in her shoes! better yet I’d like to see you take two steps in her shoes! Dont be so quick to judge someone when you dont even know them!

  6. LOL carissa is just eating this shit up..haters are good promotion…she’ll make it to the top just riding on this hater publicity…<3

  7. That’s winning!! Tattoos don’t make people trash, people talking shit is trash! Fuck them! The ONLY difference between tattooed and non tattooed people is, tattooed people don’t care if you don’t have tattoos! I guess I’m WHITE TRASH too! Proud of it too! If you try maybe you can be something!

  8. This women is far from white trash,to many of you attack what you think is not the “norm” of society. Your snap judgement show your true ignorance!Judging someone harshly only shows your own insecurities. Look in the mirror and make sure your image is holy before you pass judgement. Critical minds destroy society! It is the people that are bold,gifted and the ones that have humanity that make this world beautiful.

  9. Seriously…is this all you people have to do is hate on a beautiful woman who just happens to like ink. Yes, she is a great, mother of two. Her family is awesome also & WAY FAR from white trash. If you all don’t see the sarcasm here…..sigh

  10. The comments made on here just goes to show how much she actually cares about what you inconsiderate fucks say. All you dirty ass motherfuckers sit behind a computer screen all day flipping through “failed” pictures while she’s out showing off the natural beauty that god gave her. Using the gifts god endowed her with. I have a hard time understanding whether people have jealousy issues on how naturally pretty she is, or the fact that you are so fed up with your own pathetic lives that you sit on “EPICFAIL” looking at this stupid bullshit that nobody else has time for. I think it’s called not having a life. I’m positive she’s not sitting on “EPICFAIL” talking about all you dirty fucks. It would take a picture of you sitting at your computer desk to make a FAILLLLLL. I grew up in a trailer park and I’m damn proud to raise my hand and say it. The choices, decisions, and attitude you show towards someone will determine their values in life. Call her trash and call me trash, but let us raise our glasses to your ignorance, to the uncomprehensive, cliche attitudes you hold within yourself. Come walk a mile in her shoes before you judge your worthless ass opinion, cos I’ll throw up my hands and represent the Trash, Trailer Park Trash, and Pure White Trash all fuckin day. I think it’s funny that a gorgeous girl like herself is getting belittled by a bunch of 12 year olds kids and fat fucks who are to lazy to do anything else. Read my comment and go fucking choke on your next comment, I’m pretty sure I broadly defined all you incapable fucks.

    1. WAIT!!…You wanna talk about people sitting behind a computer screen all day commenting on “Failed” pictures and calling them “Dirty Ass Motherfuckers” but Ummmm, your commenting on “Failed” pictures as well, so what does that make you? Oh yea thats right!!.. A DIRTY ASS MOTHERFUCKER!!.. Practice what you preach you dumbass bitch!!!

  11. I like it. She obviously doesn’t give a fuck what some ignorant people think about it. Do any of you even have tat’s ? Prob not b/c you spend all your time on here talking shit about people that do things that you would never have the balls to do.

  12. I DO think this tattoo is a FAIL, but I like her style (except those ugly sunglasses).
    At least she is not affraid to be what she wants to be.

    And if you ask me, this is much better than the blonde barbies with pink nails and stuff 😉

  13. Great way to try to get attention. She is white trash, but i think most people would know this just by looking at her the tattoo just adds to the complete failure this bitch is. Your not famous and never will be. Instead of looking for attention grow the fuck up and act like a grown woman. This bitch will never make it anywhere in life. If any of these pictures are a fail this one is the #1 forsure!!!

  14. Can someone say…I Try Way To Hard For Attention And Just Make Myself Look Like A Stupid Dumb Bitch! Hope she doesnt have kids because how embarrassing would it be to have a mom like this. Some people just take things way to far. This bitch will never be anyone or worth anything. Way to make urself look like the dumbest bitch on this planet!FAIL FAIL FAIL….

  15. i’m middle class and could never afford that shit unless my parents paid for it but it’s nice to know what she’s aspiring towards! nice parental fail!

  16. OMFG she is such a….LOL JK! I can’t even type this stuff without laughing. Rock on Carissa! Let the haters hate.

  17. I know this chick. She is the joke of all jokes in south bend. I’ve never seen someone make such a large ass out of themselves and not know a thing about it. She has kids and her body is beat to HELL. Seriously.. Ridden hard and put away wet, this chick. YUCK

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