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    1. Shes the whole reason you can’t go to any sporting event anymore. How would like to try and watch while shes screaming bloody fuckin murder right next to you.

    1. @Pogo
      It doesn’t even take 5 bucks and meal… all you have to tell her is you know Los Santos High’s routine for next year.

      and @joey
      …it’s pretty much the same as what you see here: “GO! GO! GO! YES! GO!” And, yes, when you’re done, she will also tell you “you make me proud”

  1. This bitch needs to be muzzled and tied to a chair. You know that girl could hear her cow mother’s stomping and psychotic hoarse bellowing. Crazy ho has got to get a fucking prescription for some valium

  2. So, yeah, that’s one of my little sisters friend’s mom. I was so embarrassed that this happened. I almost fell out of my chair when she started yelling. She scared the crap out of me. Oh god, please just take this off. And, sorry girls for the loss. -.-

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