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  1. Wait how is this Mexico? They have nice clothes, shoes, and are smiling? Shouldn’t they be trying to cross the border, or are they in the wealthy part? Could they just be some of the Mexican people who are actually happy, and don’t want to come to the US?

    1. Someone had a rooster for breakfest…. my parents crossed the border 37 years ago… got legit papers… worked hard for 35 years… won the lottery… i say it was worth it!! 🙂

    2. @chuck b-ass
      nacos are not poor and uneducated people, nacos are just vulgar persons who like to behave and speak in a despicable way, much poor and uneducated people are far away from beign ‘nacos’ and some of them are just cool and nice people

    3. LOL do you still believe mexicans wear hats and old clothes?, did you write that as an insult or really are you so stupid and that was a real question?; by the way, with the american crisis the poor mexicans preffer stay in Mexico instead go to the U.S.A., and no, that isn’t a wealthy part, that place is rural with poor or medium – low class. You need know Mexico to talk shit about it.

    4. have u been in mexico??? do u know cancun, tabasco, guanajuato or any place like that??? i don´t think so, that´s why u talk like that!!! i´m a US citizen living in mexico, beutiful places & beutiful people so read & travel a little before saying anything else, or at least look 4 info in google

  2. I dont know why, you americans always use the ugliest places to refer to Mexico as in movies or pics. Beleive me, not everything in Mexico its riding donkeys and wearing hats

    1. We should show more pictures of Mexico City at night instead, where there are so many homeless people that they literally are lined up down the block, sleeping against the walls. Maybe show a few shots of how all the houses are surrounded by walls with broken glass all over the tops to keep those same people out.

  3. If u want to look like an illegal mexican, wear aeropostale clothes and nike shox. that is what they wear to look american. I’m hispanic i still dont like illegals. They make good hispanics look bad.

    1. and i bet u r dark skinned and your lastname is PEREZ.. ohh, and maybe your name is JOSE or JUAN… illegal doesn´t mean bad, look 4 it in a dictionary IGNORANT!!! AND I BET YOU ARE NOT ILLEGAL BECAUSE THE ONE THAT CROSSED THE BORDER SO U WERE BORN HERE WAS YOUR DARK ASS MOTHER . ASSHOLE!!

  4. I love how no one is talking about the humping dogs and fat bicycle mexican in the background – but the three fags in the front.

  5. estoy en contra de la pinche gente racista… no todo es como se pinta…
    simplemente no es correcto hablar de algo sin conocer…
    asi que como dicen los paisanos mayas … A LA KEP los pinches racistas..!!



    que gusto me daria que se saltara un gringo para mexico y que se lo chingaran de la misma manera que tratan a los mexicanos.. no saben los que es ganarse la vida y saber valorarla…

    I hope u understand Spanish… hahahaha
    c u.. !! XD

    1. Oye asi son los gringos…ellos creen que su feo pais es el mejor del mundo…
      Ups i have a question…do they know where is mexico?i don’t think so hehehee pinches gringos sucios

  6. lol yeah those are ”nacos” those are like black people in usa, they are the trash of america, :/ lol well in mexico we have nacos (:

  7. ok this is the problem american people of burgers and hot dogs the reason why they are such assholes is so simple do not know what is work really just only know exploit the needs of the people. yes i’m mexican but im not in a place like the pic but does not matter stupid people of ”USA” deserve no explanation. 😀 nice day putos

    1. So we can’t call you taco eating spics, but you can call us cheeseburger eating hicks and that’s ok? No fair!

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