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    1. If you were to pull that upper lip up just a little more and then punched her in her jelly-belly , I do believe this bitch would swallow her own head. . . to be fair , she does have nice clevage.

    1. Dude, I’ve rented houses to black people… & that’s pretty damn clean. Hats off to the maid. Keep up the good work. lol. Good thing we can’t smell it though.

  1. i dont understand why ppl look at the camera….look at the part that takes the damn picture not the freaking display stupid

    1. Right? Like you’re gonna totally fall out of frame just shifting you eyes. And I’m not dogging…. big tits and some big ole cock suckers on this one

  2. As if the face isn’t bad enough.. she could have closed that Walmart clearance shower curtain so we don’t also have to look at that ghetto broke down shower… No wonder she can’t wash the ugly off…

  3. oh GOD! it’s people like this that think they’re sexy, and then get pwned by all the comments on here, that make the world go round……..

    1. I notice that you’re nowhere to be found on the images/vids of white people being stupid. What, no pride in your people?

  4. I really hate girls that take pictures with their pout lip, they look so stupid and especially the fat ones wearing clothes that was not meant for them.

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