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    1. She is not 17 you fuck-tard!

      “Video surveillance shows 45-year-old Elizabeth Alisha Greta Halfmoon — also known as simply Alisha Halfmoon (BLANK STARE) — arriving at the store around noon.”

    2. People are Stupid: Your name is quite amusing, considering you can’t even tell when someone’s making a joke. Idiot.

    1. Yeah, it’s WalMart. They probably have seen weirder things than some one making meth. (

  1. She is 45, not 17. Yes Meth makes you look like sh** but not 30 years older then you are. The point of this is how did not one person realize what this dumb broad was doing? AND she was just released from Jail on Dec 6th for “similar” charges!

    1. I am guessing you have not been around a lot of severe meth heads. I have been around a few in my time unfortunately and they seriously look 30 years older than they are sometimes. In addition to the drug itself, it may also be the constant picking of their face and arms that causes them to look so bad.

  2. WHAT. THE. FUCK.!!!! SIX hours!? relly are they fucking retarted!!!!! (if you seen the hangover 1 then you’ll get the joke its what allen says when they go to los vegas) she’s a ruh-tard!

  3. damn, everything happens in Oklahoma Walmarts, pregnant girls get abandoned there to live and have their babies then have movies made about them, and bitches make drugs, lmao, Oklahoma must be the breeding ground for white trash.

    1. Just because stuff happens in Oklahoma Wal-Marts doesn’t mean that we all are “white” trash… I guess where you are must be the breeding ground for ignorants.

    2. Oh and another thing, How can you blame the girl in Secoyah, Oklahoma who was LEFT at Wal-Mart. She didn’t get pregnant in Oklahoma. She was from, GA or something…she was traveling through and her bf left her. So before you start to bash people on information you do even know, get your facts straight.

  4. The one thing no one said yet and maybe its just me but WalMart has the items to make METH???? but since I dont know what goes into it i would not know anyway…but still…WalMart

    1. I don’t know what all goes into it either but maybe she brought some of the stuff with her? I dunno. How did she set it all up? Was she in the pharmacy section or perhaps where they keep the cleaning products?

    2. Not that I have ever even attempted to make meth, but I think that nearly all the ingredients found in it can be found at any local store. Simply need some cold meds and cleaning ingredients…I think. Me and chemistry never quite mixed so not for sure on that one 😛

  5. She was, obviously, stocking their shelves with her own cheap brand. She’s pretty industrious, IMO. Saving money on boxing, shipping, etc. Walmart should give her an award. The Uh.S. has no respect for small business entrepreneurs anymore. At least she wasn’t getting in everyone’s way with a fucking “skooter” and being an eyesore with her shit-stained thong showing.

  6. hahaha….It’s funny because this person had nothing better to do then look online on their iPhone, and that they have at&t. hahaha

  7. LOL Yeah us oklahomans are a bit wild..
    BTW oklahoma is not in the south.. Its Central United States.
    LMAO I got a good laugh outta this one!

  8. god man, I fucking hate living in Oklahoma all these fucking meth heads give a bad name to all of us. Bullshit, Straight Bullshit

  9. I worked with this lady!!!!!! She was a meth head then too…she also had a pimp that came to pick her up from work. Her “son” worked there as well…turns out he was her 18 yr old lover!

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