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    1. what the fuck is it w/, man… I see so many of these kinds of pics, calling the fat girl a “fitting in fail” what the fuck you got against plush lovin’??!! the human body is beautiful in ALL forms… and if you DON’T know that, then you are VERY SERIOUSLY short on being a good lover, or a good fucker for that matter. ANYone who pokes fun is a dead fuck and a fuckin rotten stereo-typical bigitoted immature asswipeing terd suckker.

    2. oh and I fucking SWEAR… if i see another one of these fucking bigoted pictures, i am quitting and NEVER looking back. I will also slam you muther fuckers at every chance i get.

      GROW THE FUCK UP little kids!

    3. Thank you Majestic One, very agreed…and I love the word..”majestic”…seeing I am pisces and a big girl myself…XD okay enough braggin’.

    4. @Majestic One
      I bet your one of those fat girls on one of all those pictures and your just offended. Now your whining writing a comment to every single fitting in fail picture and eat even more unhealthy shit….hahah it’s just funny how fat people does not realize, why they’re looking like that >.<

  1. whoa whats with the fat bitch army trolling epic fail comments…shouldn’t they be eating twinkies and hating their skinny friends?

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