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    1. A stick bug is a bug that stinks. Duh
      Actually, they really do stink badly, when they are threatened or touched they let off a really bad odour, hence the dry reaching cat.

    2. No bug that stinks, i forgot to proof read again!! Oh, dry retching, another typo!! Fuck my english is terrible lately!!

  1. Yeah we get them in the USA too… I don’t know how many I have accidently stepped on… Argh they smell awful… but I haven’t laughed this hard in a long long time, that was tooo damn funny.

  2. Stink bugs don’t actually spray you when you pick them up. I’ve been having the problem of them sneaking in through the windows but if you gently grab them, they won’t attack. Regardless, those little bastards smell super bad and I understand why that poor cat gagged. I would too lol! Stupid bugs don’t even serve a purpose…

  3. They smell bad and for those of u who dont know what they smell like because u dont know what the hell they are lol… The have a very deep bitter sweet smell mixed with rotting plant growth that lingers around where they spayed like an epic fart. but really they don’t smell all too bad, grow up in american woodlands and u get used to it 🙂

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