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  1. Women like this are the reason that real victims are looked upon as the criminals and can not be taken at their word. I hope that she never has to know what being attacked and raped is really like.

    1. A similar thing happened here in Italy.A girl in Turin needed an excuse for coming back home late and didn’t want to admit she had been screwing around, so she faked a rape, and she said he looked like an immigrant.Then an angry mob went ahead and wasted the local immigrant camp.When she saw what kind of crap she had gotten so many people into, she was all like “oops, sorry”.

      The whole story is here, for those who understand Italian:

  2. Well, at least when she she gets convicted and goes to jail she will be beaten, get a split lip and more than likely get raped. At least she gets to move to a “safer” neighborhood, those prison gaurds are there 24/7.

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