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  1. This is an architectural win if they can pull this off. Kind of has a Moshe Safdie Habitat look built into skyscrapers. Sensitive americans….

  2. fucking bleeding-heart patriots. Actually this is the most interesting architectural study I’ve seen in YEARS! – Although I’d find it aesthetically more pleasing if the two main buildings’ shapes were a little more varied… I mean: cuboid-shaped houses are ugly in 99,9% of all cases

  3. That should be “Americans Fail”. Can’t it just look like that shitty WTC towers? It’s not even the same fucking desing. You idiots.

  4. Cloud representations??!! BULLSHIT. How many sky scraper YOU know that go through the clouds??!! They’re nothing but bought and paid for illuminatti bitches. Look around and you will find other “tributes” to 9 11 there also – I KNOW this isn’t a tribute fucking moron, just another celebrated piece of illuminated proudness. Clouds… who the fuck they foolin?!! YOU???

  5. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. I guess they’re quite aware of that in Rotterdam, home of several major architectural firms.

  6. I agree with poopr, and I think the real fail here is that the article is REALLY. DAMN. RACIST. They’re bombing on Americans, the Dutch, and “design nerds”. SCREW YOU.

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