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    1. You know, I have never been able to keep a straight face and carry on a conversation with a white guy that’s wearing a doo-rag.

  1. Hahahahhahahahahahaha…. *picks self up off of floor because fell off of chair laughing* I dont know whats funnier, the picture, or the fact that these guys probably took it thinking that they all looked totally awesome in it

  2. Wanna know more about them. Who are they? What are their jobs? Where do they live? What`s their ideal of a just society? Is African American pavement cultcha infectious?

  3. Shortly after this picture they all went back into the house to ask mom to make sandwiches while they attempt to rank up to a level 10 ice spell in World of warcraft.

    1. Well, I was looking today for a photo to email you and all I could find was an old one that looks about like these guys. Except I’m lying all sexy like on a bed with nothing on but shorts. So, I guess you wouldn’t be interested in that.

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