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  1. Fucking wetbacks
    You can clearly see a string around the dogs neck.
    It had no choice.

    Some people use porn
    Some people use Viagra
    Mexicans use animal abuse.

    1. That video arent from Mexico idiot, that kind of music is not from Mexico, u should have more culture. fuckin retarded

    2. YES!!! I was looking at that like wtf… ANIMAL ABUSE TO THE FULLEST!!!! And this is why mexicans remind me of roaches… ill never like em cuz there just soooo slack in every thing they do! every other race on earth is fine…just not them

    3. And how do you know this person which is filming the dog is Mexican? By the music? By the type of dog? Mexicans don’t listen to that music, Central and South Americans do. Oh but you must have a better reason to conclude that this person must be Mexican, right? BTW, I come from a Mexican background and I do not “slaaaaack” I’m taking classes at a university and earning a biochem degree, probably more than you little twats will ever accomplish.

    4. Hey you dickhead, why you asume they are mexicans? Just beacuse of the music?
      GOD you’re stupid, Ha just like your nickname. You americans can´t be more discriminative just because you don’t get up earlier.

    5. @ ashley really wtf mexicans is a race o.O like nameless said its a nationlality and wtf not only mexicans use animal abuse you name it so if i were you i would shut the fuck up instead of labeling nationalities . and first of all how the fuck DID YOU KNOW IT WAS A MEXICAN … ITS MERENGUE FROM WHAT I KNOW MEXICANS HEAR IT , CUBANS, PUERTORICANS, GUATEMALANS DO YOUR REASEARCH BEFORE PUTTING YOUR SHIT OUT THERE . YOU JUST MAKE YOUR SELF LOOK DUMB

    6. @Ashley @Stupid @AllTheOtherIgnorantMorans at least we don’t classify as dirty, stinky white trash.

    7. thats puertorrican clearly , he said (ejele) and not (orale)
      and the music is from the band (la maquina)means the machine. puertorrican band.

    1. He is on a leash that’s why when the dog is dancing and it gets too far away from the chair it seems as if it was yanked back (around 25 sec.). It’s not animal cruelty, look closer.

  2. How the hell do you know the person is Mexican? That music is Merengue, not Salsa, and it is from Cental and South America. What the hell do you little kids know anyway about what’s outside the US? God I hope eventually you all get a real education.

    1. People in Mexico can’t listen to Merengue? Only Salsa? Get a fucking education. The “audio track” no more proves Mexican nationality than it DISPROVES Mexican nationality. And what the FUCK would BOTHER you about this person BEING Mexican? Do you have a problem with Mestizo being identified in a youtube video? Cumslut.

    2. I should add: You seem happy to say that Central America is does NOT include Mexico? Got a fucking map (fucking liberal females) – Now to be fair you didn’t say everything I mentioned – But I feel that it was implied because you seem like a stupid cumslut.

    3. I love when people post hopping-mad reply to a comment that is months old. Your day is totally ruined by something some idiot posted last year.

      Oh, by the way- re: “get a fucking education”, I took music classes in school, but I must’ve missed the day where they told us what types of music Mexicans prefer.

  3. wait a sec… it looks like someone held him by a very thin leash – sometimes you can see what at least looks like a leash behind his head… this really sucks… fuckin animal abusers indeed. FAIL

    1. PS: look closely at around 00:25 – there’s a moment in which it seems like the dog was pulled by its leash rather violently… thumbs down for that

    1. it doesnt matter it only tied behind the chair or the roof- its abuse and them ppl should hang myself it shame!

  4. What a bunch of tree hugging occupy wall street overreacting animal rights dipshits. The dog is not in pain, there’s no abuse here. It’s a simple video where the dog held himself up to trying to walk to his master who probably had a treat for him. He was also most likely held up by someone who keyed himself out of the video, though a merengue listening hick would probably lack the technological prowess to know how to do that. Either way, there’s no animal abuse you morons.

  5. If this is animal abuse then what about the films that have animals. . .Well I think that that dog is possessed by Michael Jackson XD shit he can Dance!!

  6. IS EVERYONE IDIOTS!? the string is connected to the chair!!! she was trying to get closer to the cameraman and when he/she couldn’t that’s when she was able to stand upwards and continue to move his/her legs as IF it was dancing…but then the dog saw sumone in the background and went back towards the chair, and that’s when u see the string that was hooked to its collar loosen up and follow him/her… no animal abuse here, just a dog tied to a chair with no harm done… WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE ASSUMING US SO-CALLED ‘WET-BACKS’ ARE ANIMAL ABUSERS… I BET I’M MAKING MORE MONEY THAN YOU CRACKERS! HA!!!

  7. I can’t believe this!! So many negative comments but I’m sure that if they had a dog that could dance like this they would be showing it to everyone!!

  8. Ajajaja demasiado bueno para ser verdad!!! Jajaja =P JAJAJA Y es que lo mueven desde arriba, vean el cable! Ajajaja un 100

  9. fucking idiots talking shit about mexicans” its a fucking LEASH. you ca’n clearly see the dog walk away as it pleases. grouping all mexicans as animal abusers is fucking ignorant, when you dont even know for a fact theyre mexican. your the fucking roach

  10. You guys are stupid no one is pulling him holding him or abusing him!!! its a fucken dog on a leash stand on its hind legs… oh gosh u guys are stupid…

  11. btw if u wanna see real animal abuse look up those white guys tying up the poor helpless golden retriever and shooting him or the white girl who skins her pets for art or the white man who adopts dogs and shoots them in the face and video tapes it again for art! I’D RATHER BE A WETBACK than some delusional ignorant, animal abusing white fuck any day…

  12. Abuso de animales? Jajajaja por eso sus hijos los hacen como quieren! A ustedes bien les podría decir saqueadores de petróleo, racistas, vende armas, drogadictos, explotadores, criminales de lesa humanidad, etc, etc, etc; solo era un perrito feliz, que si bien lo amarraron (y en una silla) me imagino que ahí lo tienen para que no eche su desmadre, y seria por un rato.

    Y si, escribo en español por que ya me cague en escribir en ingles, si quieren saber que digo, aprendan español IGNORANTES por que los latinos si sabemos hablar ingles, y algunos francés y alemán, estúpidos gueritos que escriben mamadas, claro no digo todos, por que tengo amigos que son súper conmigo, pero también conozco a unos con nivel de evolución, mas retrograda que un molusco



  13. The People who call this animal abuse are the same people who sit at the window all day till they see a mother yell at there kids in the street and call the police and report it as child abuse. Get a Life

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