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  1. SMH He basically raped his own Grandma and I’m pretty sure video taping you dancing with your own sister isn’t cool…at all..ugh

    1. how u know its his sister..could have been his gf and he wanted a threesome with her and her mother/grand mother ….horny bastard 🙂

    1. Seriously. I didn’t laugh once. This was just disturbing. Look at those retards laughing like assholes. “Hurrhurrhurr.” Stfu, that looks like it’s their fucken grandma! *tsktsk

  2. holy crap, if I was that grandma I would have given him a knuckle sandwich for that crap and sent him off to see “the nice people with the jackets”.

  3. Never seen someone making his gradma crying like that.
    Get to jail and try the doggy the other way round fucking cunt.

    1. u think u cool?u r twat..fucking brain..have penis disease..n eat shit for breakfast..

  4. every video on this site of black people is of them humping family members or children or shaking their disgusting fat asses in strange ways its gross and makes me hate black people. stop dancing and get a job. fucking weird shit you black people do confuses the shit outa me

    1. You obviously don’t know your Races, cause they are Spanish you stupid fucking ediot!!… Last time I checked you white people do stupid shit as well.. Just take a look at the show called jackass.. You people do stupid shit that can have you killed!! So get the fuck out of here with that stupid ass comment.. I think they rather shake their Ass’s then do shit that will have them killed.. You dumbass fuck!!

  5. what the fuck? this is sad, i can’t believe the amount of people saying this is a win. I would kick the shit out of the kid.

    1. This is something that shouldn’t make anyone proud to be Dominican. This is sick and disgusting! And the fact that you’re praising it, truly shows us the type of retard you are.

  6. “tu no sales de tu barrio sin mi limosina” jajaja nice song, sick family jejeje,

    Daniel, Daniel,apaga eso jejejeje as granma said

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