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  1. I’m one that will stick my dick in anything… well anything BUT THAT!! She is uglier than sin. Did the doc doing the plastic surgery use an ugly stick to cut her open and forgot that he left it in her face?

  2. How many beers will it take to make her look hot?
    I know I would probably would need a 12pack of Budweiser, two 750ML bottles of Jagermeister, and about siz lines of coke and a few shrooms just to get me in the mood.

  3. IRL Troll lol. pray to your god that she don’t have any children. It looks like she have burned and someone tried to extinguish the fire with an axe. yet i bet she look gooder then you fatfucks.

  4. Do anyone watch the real housewives of miami. this lady looks like Marysol’s Mom Elsa Patton. Just google her it looks like a very close resemblance

  5. The story I read about this was she got surgery to look like a cat because her husband loved cats but he was cheating on her… the end it didnt keep him he divorced her. Anyways, she got left with a fucked up face and a shitload of money.

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