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  1. This guy is an idiot, “By the time you got kids and they’re in school nobody will care about you” what a retard, nobody has been caring about that moron for a while….

    1. Can’t disagree! She has the worst personality, being totally mean to Khloe made me feel nothing but disgust for her (never liked her before might I add).

  2. What do u mean shes not ugly. Just check out her pre-surgery pics. Btw she just looks fake and plastic now. Her nose will end up like Michael Jackson’s nose.

  3. omg i love this guy! He said what everyone wants to say to her face! ^_^ They probaly got a divorce because he came to his senses and was like why am i with such a self absorbed delusional idiot haha 😀

  4. Kris Humphries comes across as a logical, intelligent, normal individual in this clip. Kim Kardashian comes across as a simple minded, narcissistic, short sighted arrogant fame whore. I suddenly feel really bad for Kris Humphries. He just wanted some more cushion for the pushin…Why’d he have to go and put a ring on it? Nah, they’re both dumbasses.

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