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  1. Because of the possibility that this isn’t the first time this kid has done it. But an artistic mind isn’t wanting to do BS work like this. Especially a bored artist. A+ in my book for sure. Even I can’t draw some of that stuff. I draw manga and anime.

    1. NOT exactly. O_O There ARE people out there, that are THIS EPIC, at drawing. Actually, I know a few people, that are THIS good! o_o

  2. how long did this kid have for the test? and it doesnt have a name.

  3. Having the talent to be able to draw like that is WAYYYYY more impressive than being able to do the Maths… (in my book anyway).

  4. It’s fake… if you look at it, all of the questions are ON TOP of the drawings. I’m sure the person drew them, but then added the rest lol…

  5. I don’t think anybody cares if this is fake, It is still some outstanding work and is an A+ in my book, this would make my day anyday.

  6. Obv ‘shopped, but if it weren’t this would be more of a reason why so many artists labor for minimum wage than a win.

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