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    1. Of course it was better than yours… I’m only 98% retarded… giving me a 2% advantage over your good self.

    1. not when we’re talking about percentages you fucking retard, it only goes up to 100.
      wtf is it with these maury povich retard’s thinking they’re 230% sure he is the father, THAT PERCENTAGE DOESNT EVEN EXIST!!!! its a 100% or 0%

    2. @militaryminded85 of course more than 100% excists. let me give u a small example. you earn about 5 dollars an hour cleaning toiletts. now i leave you a ten dollar note as a tip cause i left a hughe pile in it, which i must admit, not without somepride, will be some hard work to clean. now your income in this hour is 300% higher than its normal, you increased your income by 200%. of course u cant be more sure about something than 100% cause this means ur totally sure.
      it was a peasure to educate you. i am aware thatthis might be a bit much to understand for someone who calls himsellf miltaryminded, but thats ok, just quote me if u have the same conversation in the future.

    3. Well, if you own slaves, then I guess you can ante up their percentages. But then you own those percentages, making them part of “your” 100%. So, then your back to square one.

  1. All fail. So stop bagging in each other like trolls and troll the epic fail this site shows. We all know everyone has a fail in intellegence, one way or the other. Some more than others. By the way, percentage does go past 100. Depending on what you’re referring to.

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