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    1. YEAH I am with YOU militaryminded…
      I have WARNED… ONE MORE of these fucking type fails and I am QUITTING mutherfuckerz don’t know REAL pussy when they see it. How fucking CHILDISH can you be to say the fat chick is a fail with all the other ladies in a pic. I have UNSUBSCRIBBED and shall NOW from this day forward SLAM the FUCK out of at EVERY chance I can. Too bad the sap that runs this show is a fucking moronic child that doesn’t know the FIRST thing about REAL fuckin’ Boy, you prolly STILL sit at your mommas house in the basement wackin; off at the pictures that come in as fails. Fuckin’ LOO-HOO-SAH-HER-ERR

    2. whatever you say buddy. I’ll stick with the “man” beside that heffer you call a woman. Have fun swimming in that sea of blubber buddy. “Gentlemen, man the harpons because thar she blows.”

  1. Actually the girl on the left is the only one that’s not a fail. The girl next to her has the biggest push up bra ever. The girl in the middle is pregnant. And the girl on the right is sucking in her stomach.

  2. It’s a shame seeing a girl that doesn’t take care of herself and looks like hideous whale. 65% of adults in the us are obese, and look like that hideous fat blob.

    Man the harpoons!!

    Oh and lol at butthurt fat girls commenting, they wish they were skinny and attractive.

  3. second from right could have at least sucked her gut in like the one on the far right did!!! second from left is hot even if her tits ARE fake.

  4. Actually, it really bothers me that people are trying to defend and say the woman on the left is the only “real woman” or only one that is “not a fail”. Yes, the picture is in bad taste, but how delusional do you have to be to think that being fat is “better” and “real”. Its unattractive, its overindulgence, and its unhealthy.

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