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  1. That’s pretty sick… I’d expect this kinda shit from Japan perhaps but not the USA… except maybe the southern states, if what I’ve learnt from American films is true.

    1. I’m from the southern states and we don’t tongue kiss our relatives. We might fuck ’em, but we don’t tongue kiss.

    2. Well Mr Fred, if you were my brother, I’d slip you the tongue too… that’s just how we roll in England.

    3. In my country we meet women, fuck em and then maybe marry them or move on. But that’s an interesting approach what you have there in England too.

    4. Helloooo, I’m from Japan and we only have twisted perverted sex in different ways, tongue kissing is to normal and plain for us. so HELL NAH

    5. Your country has many strange customs Mr Lymbe… arousing and intriguing in equal measure. Come to England and I will welcome you as a brother 😉

    6. After this conversation I don’t think I can listen to a Brit accent without cringing in terror. Hugh Laurie needs to keep his American House voice on.

    7. Yeah! Hey, G6! Could you, please, speak with your movie producers and get us some more of that tentacle rape porn? That shit is kickin’!

  2. As if the parents went along with that. I love momma, but if she ever pulled this stunt it would be a quick goodnight for her.

    1. DO YOU WANT TO DIE FRED!! acutally shiiett… that could explain the wet dreams lately…fuck

  3. Embarrassing? The ones who should be embarrassed are the parents since they actually knew what was going on. That is really sick.

  4. How is mommy gonna feel after she’s seen her boy get a chubby from kissing her? Add to that a gym full of kids with issues and or fetishes, that can’t be healthy! Guess dad makin out with his little princess would’ve been crossing the line.

  5. That was actually very hard to watch. I started, stopped, then came back again later and forced myself through. I think that there is an innate revulsion to incestuous behavior, which this in-fact is. This is totally f*cked up. How is this going to effect these kids psychologically. Really.

  6. yep its them “good ol retards from the USA” again …im seriously surprised how them retards have got anywhere in ashamed for the English ppl coz them idiots are ur offspring…

    1. Think I’ll change my name to Baby Shit Green. Gotta nice ring to it. Colorful. Or, maybe, Pussy Passion Pink. Just saying.

    1. I bet at least one of them is going to commit suicide soon… and the other kids will start f*cking ther parents

  7. That has to be a Christian school… because they are the only people that would think it’s fun to host an “event” like that for their youth, and think it’s funny and ok for the parents to act like that … but God forbid if anyone else did that exact same thing… then it would be child rape.

    it was probably an “abstinence awareness” rally, ya know, to teach kids not to engage in premarital sex… except, they just taught kids statutory rape and homosexuality in the same act.

    So… 5 years later, when their kids starting dropping acid, and they think back… they’re going to think: “my dad made out with me, and I enjoyed it before I knew it was my dad… what does that make me?”

    Nice going, parents.

  8. So, someone presented the idea “hey, at Pepfest, let’s trick people into making out with their own parent”? Not a single person stopped to say “dude, wtf?”
    What the fuck is this Pepfest about?? Mary Kay Letourneau and various memebers of NAMBLA are watching this in disgust right now…and that says alot.

  9. one mom was just kissing her son’s face all over…and another was just giving a really long lip-to-lip. i don’t think there was any tongue action.

  10. I wonder what those kids were thinking after?
    “I kissed my mom and i liked it…….fffffffffffffffffffffffkkkkkkkkkkk”

    after this he’s gonna be making out with a girl and think ” hmm mom is a better kisser………. -_- fml.

    yup, some of those guys will be scarred for life.

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