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    1. Don’t mind them tryndamere. When people reacts like that they label themselves as losers. (although… I also think the “first” thing is pointless, but I’d never insult anyone for doing it…that’s just stupid of whoever does it.)
      They’re just showing off on the internet. Do you really think they’d insult in real life? Don’t mind what they write in the net, they only do that cuz they feel protected behind their screens.

  1. poor guy his gran mother died and he`s asked for prayers on her soul ! oh well im sure she had a good sex anyways other wise ahmed wouldn`t be posting of facebook now ……

    1. @ Lymbe: I’m sure you had a good experience when 30 Arabs gangbanged you , thats the only reason you still can think of it

      come back again , or tell you what send your sister she did a better job last time

    1. WOOOOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOOW romanians are soooo funny….
      get a fucking life you cunt no one knows where those fail cunts come from or where on the map they are GTFO cunt.

    1. how about you go learn something before you open your mouth. your women are the ones walking around half, if not almost completley naked all day, also your men walkign around topless or with the tightest fitted shirts and gay looking shorts or pants…. yet you think its normal and appealing for the whole world to see you and your girls assets. whos ass backwards? certainly not muslims mate

  2. HOLLy FUCKNIGHT he’s another romanian full of bad rumor in his up-situated beans. SHIIEEET MADE IN RO i love my bro’s >;)

  3. It would be even funnier if Ahmed’s reply was “Na, just shitting you dude, we were talking about football.” 🙂

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