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    1. Dancing in front of few old ladies in a laundromat? Not exactly rebellious.

      Smacks of a desperate actress trying for a virus youtube vid.

      I say FAIL.

    2. Nicky No Name is going on and on about her being an attention whore but really just about everyone who puts a video on youtube is an attention especially those who rag on people about doing it. The fact that you are constantly getting furious over this girl and absolutely has to reply to everyone that likes this for what it is, is probably one of the most attention whoreish things anyone can do. Just relax, the video was great and it made people smile.

  1. There is kind of a different meaning to this.. its Peter Bjorn and John. They are kinda known for weird dance videos.. check out on youtube the video “nothing to worry about” and the video “it dont move me” And this chick is an actress…her name is Angela Trimbur. Dont know why you guys are all so hard on her and this video, I wish we had more people in the world that didnt get a f%*! about what people thought of them.

    1. Can’t speak for anyone other than myself but… I could be wrong but I get the distinct impression that this video is all about whoring herself and creating a fan-base… so it’s not like she just went out and thought “fuck it! I’m gonna dance”… I could respect that but no, she planned this carefully, with the help of others, as a way to get more attention and further her career. Therein lies my distaste for the whole affair… I don’t like talentless attention whores. Plus I’m a sad little cunt and it’s fun to be harsh sometimes! She does look kinda like Greta the gremlin too. Fact.

    2. u both need to stfu and just stop thinking into things too much, get some pussy for goodness sakes the video is funny cheerful… fags.

    3. I love that your just posting about how much it pisses you off on every single comment. XD Stop being a grumpalump, it’s christmas. πŸ˜€

  2. WIN! Why would anyone be angered by this in any way? I see this as an expression of happiness. This video made me smile. Kudos to her for having fun!

    1. Nicky No Name you seem to be awfully bothered by this calm down. I picture you with a vein popping out of your neck. It is a video on epic fail it isn’t a life or death matter. Chill out and try to be happy all that anger isn’t healthy. Just saying.

  3. shes amazing and beautiful and the way she moves is sexy af. i would love to find out where she does her laundry.

  4. anyone who shits on this is just jealous because they can’t let themselves be happy like this. she had fun, i enjoyed watching her, there’s no problem here.

    1. That’s exactly it though! She isn’t doing it to have fun, she’s doing it to whore herself and manipulate idiots… like you and all the other fawning retards commenting (some of which I suspect to be friends of hers). I love fun and freedom of expression… I hate attention whores.

    2. by your logic you could accuse absolutely anyone who has done or created anything of doing it for attention. and it wouldn’t even necessarily be inaccurate – don’t we all hope to receive positive attention any time we create a piece of art or perform something or whatever? the bigger point is WHO CARES if she did hope for attention in doing this? i wouldn’t even deny that was part of her motivation, i’m sure it was. but if that is such a godawful offensive unforgivable sin to you, nicky no name, i’m not sure how you’re able to spend any time on the internet or even interacting with people at all ever.

    1. I bet the gap you’re referring to is your wide spread butt cheeks ready for American man meat, you british fag!! God SHAVE the queen!!

  5. All right, this is what I see… My guess is that she is on the road to fame and needs to get her face and name out there, so yeah I agree with Nicky ONLY where he believes she pre planned exactly what she should do and asked people if it was funny b4 posting it. However, think of all the ways she could’ve definitely got the attention with doing nasty, dangerous, and stupid(not funny) things and most of us probably still would’ve seen or came across still. She did something classy, fun, and healthy, and funny. Give her a break. And if u happen to read this, keep doing you Girl! Your doing more than most to achieve your goals, keep it up. Your already a star, we jus dont know it yet!

  6. WOw i liked the vid lol really cool πŸ˜‰ P.S gave me a boner.. D: dont mention im a freak thou πŸ™ ONCE AGAIN I LOVED THE VID lolz…

    1. in addition to the fact that she is definitely above average attractive by any reasonable standard (aka compare her to anyone else in that laundromat), it would be so nice if a day came where every evaluation of anything a woman has done didn’t end with deciding whether or not she is attractive.

  7. Actor…doesn’t count. Actors make asses out of themselves all the time. For example: Paul Walker and every movie he has been in.

  8. What song is she listening too, I like it. Sounds like good sex music, if i may so myself. Hope no one gets offended πŸ™‚

  9. Whether she is whoring or whatever you think she is doing. Why be so hateful towards it just look at it as a video of a happy woman dancing that makes you smile. This video is what you make it like a middle finger you can flick off someone and the middle finger is accepted as a bad thing but I can also flip off my friend in a joking manner and it comes off as a humorous gesture. It is what you make it regardless of her intentions.

    1. I don’t care what anybody else says, I think she’s an idiot. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I wouldn’t duct tape her to a cot in my basement and sodomize her till she chokes to death on her own vomit… I mean, I’m not insane or anything, I just think she’s an idiot.

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