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    1. They Keep Reposting this shit , I saw this a week ago on their Facebook page . . GETTING SICK AND TIRED of this ugly ass thing

  1. Woooooooah i took a look at dis nd got scared af i was like WDF IS THAT !?!?!? GD wat did dis person do for god curse that bad :OOOO ( or budah, or jeohovah or w/e df u belive in) :OOOOO

  2. You people an your comments WTF is wrong with you like seriously, Didnt people die so we had freedom an independence?? its a free fkn counrty leave her the fuck alone didnt your momma teach you if you have nothin nice to say dnt say it at all???

    1. To be fair, this site is all about taking the piss out of other people’s misfortune or stupidity (a severe case of both in the above)… besides, what about the right to free speech? A lot of good men fought and died so we could talk shit about retards… don’t take take that freedom away from us. George Bush for president 2012.

  3. Yes, this is America, and yes, we have the freedom to dress however we please. However, the freedom of speech also allows us to say things like

  4. Is it me or this thing could very well be what Lovecraft saw on his nightmares when he wrote about the “deep ones”??

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