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  1. This image is disturbing in many ways but it’s good to see that I’m not the only one who gets aroused by own reflection…

    1. Either that or he is, really, a Sponge Bob fan.
      BTW: I think there might be a possibility that this guy is gay. I mean, just judging by the “I heart you” shit.

  2. i think i will never be able to watch spongebob w my kid again CAN NOT BE UNSEEN! is this type of shit off some lame ass fetish page? cosplay fail….

    1. shut up
      this guy is charming, express their likes without fear, and be gay but that is unimportant and not very handsome … but it is lovely not like your an idiot that insults retarded people

    2. It’s you’re an idiot! Don’t insult someone when your grammar is messed up. It makes you look like a fool!

  3. The truth … this photo is a little worrying …
    because the guy seems to have 16 to 20 years or so and. for truth … SpongeBob fan will but it is very strange, and probably gay ..

  4. Pedophile, appealing to little kids that one should be checked to see if there are any in the house hold, or neighborhood that have been touched in the bad way. “His crusty Crab smells like soggy bottom”

  5. i feel sorry for the spongebob fans that are guys. if they actually see this pic…they might make them feel gay while watching spongebobe or not want to see spongebob ever again…just saying

  6. Damn he looks hot man, I would so love to suck his côck and let him cum in my mouth and over my face, then I would fück his äss and felch him. Oh and by the way, just wanna assure you, no homo!

  7. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…His body is delicious, but that face + obsession = another one for the gay guys. Being bisexual sucks. haha

  8. The only thing that bothers me here is the obvious photoshop in the crotch area……other than that – EPIC!

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