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    1. Kinda goes without saying don’t you think… “when you’re playing a contact sport, be aware”. You should probably get a new coach.

    1. that guy was definitely picturing himself being the main character on the run from his favorite action film of all time.

    2. Hahaha I thought the same thing! I lost it when that dude was like “aahhhh forget this shit!!” and bails. So funny.

  1. I was there! Lol. It was a high school State championship game. One of the pylon things fell onto the gas pedal and that’s why it went out of control. It was funny at first but then we all saw people just lying of the ground, and then it got scary.

  2. This is so ironic in so many ways. Beginning said Trey Williams and “Big Hitter” as the title, cart goes to the biggest group of people on the field, a guy lands right on the cart meaning it was his time to stop it but then he decides to jump off thinking this is an Indiana Jones movie. Also notice how instead of actually running, the guys were jogging after the cart lol (except for that one guy who actually did run).

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