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    1. If you look right at it and get a good look, it just looks like what it is. But if you’re not looking directly at her tit, with kinda peripheral vision, it looks like the girl on the left has the other in a titty twist.

    2. Well, you need to have your eyes checked, Lymbe. You’re not supposed to see it unless you look to your left, cross your eyes, and droop your eyelids at a 45 degree angle to the horizon. Otherwise, your cheating.

    3. Lymbe, you shouldn’t look at women’s titties. They hate that. That’s why they try to shove them up as high as they can to eyelevel and bare them as much as legally possible.

    1. Well, not when I talk to British girls. They intimidate me with the accent. I concentrate too much on their mouths and have problems keeping up with what they’re saying. It’s too mesmerizing.

    2. A lot of them here in the Uh.S. Many Brit nurses in Rhiyadh. Dated a cutie pie blonde for a while in Bangkok. I’ve found it’s the Scots that are to tread lightly around. But I knew that for being of Scottish descent. Had one hell of a bitchy grandmother. I’ll post a genealogy here someday. It’s a major epic fail without being written.
      BTW: Quit cock blocking! Can’t you see I’m making my moves on Britishgirl? She’s all into me.

    3. Fred and britishgirl
      sitting on a tree
      Nicky’s cockblock-I-N-G!

      Couldn’t resist even if I wanted to. Which I don’t.

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