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  1. The real Mark Zuckerberg should be publicly castrated for creating Facebook and further eroding the already threadbare fabric of society by making people even lazier, more artificial and less socially apt than they already were. I hate social networking. Isn’t the ever-present intrusion of mobile phones enough?! Don’t even get me started on Twatter… every cunt wants to be famous, with followers and fans… only none of them have any talent to justify it. All this ranting is making me angry… I’m gonna go watch a Justin Bieber Christmas video and tug one out.

    1. Well, it’s good to know that, at least, someone (like this new Mark Zuckerfuck) is contributing something useful to society.
      BTW: The Justin Bieber Christmas video was what I had just watched right before I taped my “Big Meaty Balls” video. Currently, I’m working on a new video entitled “1 Man, 1 Styrofoam Cup”.

  2. I myself use Facebook Pages to promote, and “Yes” there are many ways of receiving media attention for advertisement purposes. But when you FAIL to make a product point, it’s worthless. e.i; “What the hell is he trying to sell, likes on your page don’t equal sales, or even ad views? “

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