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    1. I agree, they can be around 20 easily. I don’t understand either why it says “teens today” if you considere how it used to be in the past. Women are getting pregnant much later in general nowadays.

    2. It’s just society. Boyfriends are now more convincing than before ( I guess), they keep pushing and pushing and begging and I don’t know if it’s out of context but bullying might also have something to do with it. People do things to fit in, to be accepted. To no longer be rejected , Lol I guess It’s understandable now. AHAH

    3. I’m no psychochologist, but I think people fuck just because they like to fuck. But I agree with what you are all saying too…gotta be PC.

    4. pshhh…im 23 and if i fucked every 16 or 17 yr old girl that hits on me i’d be in jail, wat im sayin is, girls want it just as much… pushy my ass lawl

  1. its not really a fail.. my grandparents and most of everyones grandparents had their kids around 16. why is it so wrong now, and why is it anyones business?

  2. Well first if all neiteensone of us are teens. We are both adults and me, the one on the right, I happen to be married to my childs father. So all of you with negative thoughts can shove them up your ass. Just because were young doesn’t make us the stereotypical “teen mom” I would personally like to meet whoever posted this. I bet you don’t have the balls to say anything to either of us. Have a nice day.

  3. I happen to know both of these girls and can proudly say that they are wonderful women. They know how to raise a kid right. That’s more than anyone could say about all your dumbass mothers. Look at you- making fun of these girls because their doing something with their lives while your sitting on your ass in front of a computer, criticizing something you have no say on. It’s the life they chose, and their happy with it. AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS. Whoever posted this in the first place deserves to rot in hell.

  4. Wow whoever put this shit up here has NO LIFE! The one on the right is 20 and the other one is older then the other. AND the one is married so how does this even work? People really need to grow the fuck up and just because your jealous of her life doesn’t mean you have to be all big and bad on here..You couldn’t even have the balls to use a real fucking name! GET A FUCKING LIFE!!

  5. wow pretty said the sorry bitch had to delete my previous comment..just proves they are a low life!hahaha bitches make me laugh!

  6. Knowing one of the women personally I can tell you that whomever posted this is pretty pathetic. The only thing applicable as a “fail” is the fact that the poster isn’t honest enough to use their real info. or take ownership w/the women in the pic. Having a child w/ur husband really is a negative thing to do – right?

  7. Um ok assholes listen up. The girl on the right happens to be my childhood best friend and she IS married you judgmental fucks. Her and her husband are expecting. They’re married, now how old do you have to be to get married? Ya she’s older fuck heads go get a life and stop jumping to conclusions, like your a fuckin saint.

    1. The only reason Boston is taking it so personally because the secret is. That’s his baby in her tummeh!

  8. ░░░░▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄

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