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    1. its a fail becuss insomnia isnt a person its a condition that wakes you up at random times or doesnt allow you too sleep and someone commented ” who You Goinq ham On Like that ” aka ” who Are You Talking about ? ” ham is Just A Word Descirbing How ” tough” or ” Crazy” Something is

  1. So I’m guessing the first person commenting is retarted and doesn’t know what “insomnia” is, so he thinks it’s a person he is saying ‘fuck you’ to, and saying ‘ham on’ is a fail in itself….

    1. that still doesnt explain shit retard, unless its what i think it is, then this fail is just as retarded as you. btch

    2. The English language is tremendously diverse… with a little knowledge and creativity, almost anything can be explained adequately or even eloquently… and yet morons (such as yourself) go around using expressions like “hard as a motherfucker” and to make matters worse, you’re so incredibly stupid, lazy and grammatically inept, that you have to shorten it to an acronym… you are the epitome of ‘devolution’. Congratulations.

    3. In the Urban Dictionary online:
      1. ham
      going balistic on someone:flippin out:fuckin someone up
      That nig went HAM on that bitch!!!

      2. HAM
      Acronym for Hard As a [email protected]#r
      That dude be straight goin’ HAM on dem fools.

      Holla, I’m about to go get HAM on these boys.

      3. Ham
      When a person is unstoppable or just in the zone in any type sport or competition setting; It can also be defined as going crazy and buying up everything in a store; or even doing something beast like
      I went ham on Tyrone out on the court yesterday; I went ham in the Gucci store earlier today; Damn you went ham on them wings

      I guess #1 is what was meant. Maybe we need an Ebonics class.

    4. I hate to tell you this Fred but the Urban Dictionary is no more a real dictionary than Justin Bieber is a real artist. I will however be attending your ebonics classes… tru dat, fo sho.

    5. If you can’ find “everyone” in the Oxford, try Webster’s. You don’t even have to learn the alphabet with Webster’s online. Just type your word in the search box and hit search.

  2. The dude obviously didn’t know what Insomnia was and had NO idea how to use the term HAM but decided to try to sound cool anyway.

  3. people from arizona or any one who thinks the republican party is progressive is natures fail. while I agree slang and ebonics are not the best way of expressing ones self. I don’t see the point of racist comments. calling people gorillas and such. its stupid seeing how we all came from apes. geez.. besides we all have our own flaws. nobody is perfect.just remember people, when you say something racist or ignorant. it makes everyone else think you are the one who is retard.

    1. Trying to reform internet commenters on a fail blog site is like trying to extinguish the sun by pissing in it’s general direction. While funny to some, it is still a completely fruitless endeavor.
      The more you know.

  4. The first idiot that posts doesn’t know what insomnia is and thinks she’s talking about a person and is asking who she’s talking about.

  5. The first idiot that posts doesn’t know what insomnia is and thinks she’s talking about a person and is asking who she’s talking about.

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