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    1. Sounds like you do that a lot, Fred…starting to get suspicious about your daily routine!

    2. I especially like Math class. The teach is always writing on the board and at that time, when he’s not looking, I can lean up and kiss the little sweetie, like you, on the neck.

    1. Bullshit! Not with no “micropenis” you can’t. Now, you’re contradicting yourself. I’m gonna go ham on your ass if you don’t come clean, Nick. 🙂

    2. Haha well, as much as I would love you to go ham on my ass Fred, I was actually suggesting that I have a nice rack. I don’t but you know, it’s fun to play make-believe sometimes. As for my micro-penis? I could probably balance a couple of small fries on it…

    3. Well, don’t expect a Christmas ham. Sorry.
      I’ve balanced a few southeast Asians. So, I guess you could safely say I could manage a midget. Maybe not a fat one, though. No brag, just facts.

    4. Maybe I could borrow your penis for the holidays then? You can have mine in return. It does a great Justin Bieber impression. Kids love it.

    5. Well, Nick, I’m gonna have to say, not only no, but hell no. Sorry. Now, if it was more clittish and favored that little Latin thing that Bieber’s been hanging out with, then maybe. But there’s a little Nigerian girl at the local college that’s gonna get the ham this year. I mean, she’s far away from home and all that, ya see? Just trying to be a good host for my country, ya know?

    6. I guess it could be mistaken for a clit, particularly if you don’t trim your bush but that’s cool… guess I’ll be keeping the ham to myself again this Christmas.

    1. Multi-tasted? Now I’m confused. You mean like several eating out of the same ice cream bowl? I never assume that I’m the first ice cream taster. Unless it’s too firm and I have to stab it several times with my spoon. Then I figure I might be first. Or maybe Nicky was there before.

    1. Oh, no doubt. He’s who she’s texting. She’s texted, “I, so, want you inside me now!” And he’s like, “Chill the fuck out, biotch!”

    1. Yay, a win-fail from my country! *unless they sell Teh Kotak (boxed tea) outside Indonesia*
      Dunno if I should be proud. Most fails from Indonesia and other southeast Asian countries are about 7-8 people riding the same bike altogether, or about other overcrowded vehicles. :p

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